Tuition Fees and Scholarship

We charge no tuition fees for courses, but you will have to pay a minor study fee of about NOK 750,- per semester, unless you are an exchange student - then your fee is waivered. Please note, however, that some courses demand additional fees for excursions and fieldtrips. Please have a look at the course description. We do not offer any scholarships to students.

Cost of living

Living expenses in Norway are relatively high. As a general guideline, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund estimates that the total expenditure for students amounts to NOK 10,000 per month (including housing). You must be prepared to pay at least NOK 3,500 a month for furnished student accommodation, including electricity, heating, water and disposal charges and internet.

Examples of Norwegian prices for some common goods are:

  • 1 litre of milk NOK 13-17
  • Big Mac NOK 54
  • loaf of bread NOK 20-30
  • bottle of beer at the shop NOK 19-25
  • pint at the pub NOK 60-80
  • Dinner (student cafeteria): NOK 55-100

Currency exchange and banks

The currency in Norway is Norwegian kroner (NOK). 

You will need a valid ATM card to withdraw cash from an ATM. You should be able to exchange foreign currency for a fee in most banks. The opening hours in banks are very limited and they are closed on weekends.

If you are unsure if your debit/credit card will work in Norway, we recommend that you exchange to NOK or withdraw NOK at Bergen Airport or Oslo airport Gardermoen (if you have a transit there) or at home before coming to Norway.