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Study plan - Advanced Clinical Nursing

Autumn 2019

Part-time education with assemblies at campus Haugesund and Stord. The study is also based on obligatory communication on the net and significant effort, both individually and in groups, between the assemblies.

Continuous assessment through written and oral feedback on obligatory assignments and simulation exercises.

Learning outcomes

A candidate with completed qualifications should have the following total learning outcomes


The candidate:

  • has special knowledge of pathophysiological processes in cases of failure/illness/injuries of the heart, lung, kidney and circulatory system.
  • has advanced knowledge of clinical assessment of elderly people with severe failure in vital functions.


The candidate:

  • bases his work on knowledge and contributes to clinical professional development at his workplace.
  • is able to plan and implement advanced nursing and delegated medical treatment of elderly people with severe failure in vital functions in a safe and considerate manner.

General competence:

The candidate:

  • is able to contribute to new thinking and innovation processes in clinical practice.
  • has an analytical approach to his own professional practice and to further development of his competence vis-à-vis elderly people with severe failure in vital functions.
  • is able to cooperate within his own organisation, across service levels, in a practical manner with his own health professional profession as well as others.



Teaching methods:

Tuition, instruction, simulation, self-study.

Practical training:

Simulation of relevent cases during each assembly.

R&D base:

Includes relevant research within and outside of HSH.


Portfolio examination.


The study encompasses two courses, ELDHELS1006 and ELDHELS2006, each course providing 15 credits. In each course the students work with assignments based on 3 patient cases/patient histories related to elderly people with severe failure in vital functions.

ELDHELS1006 provides an introduction to the patient group elderly people with failure in vital functions and emphasises the development of interaction and information competence.


ELDHELS2006 correlates with ELDHELS1006 and emphasises the development of competence in clinical assessment of the patient, polypharmacy, unsound use of medicaments and knowledge-based practice.

Target group:

Nurses responsible for advanced clinical nursing for elderly people with severe failure in vital functions within the nursing service.