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PCS900 PhD Dissertation in Computer Science: Software Engineering, Sensor Networks and Engineering Computing

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

It is required that the PhD dissertation contributes with new knowledge and original research results in one or more of the areas of software engineering, sensor networks, engineering computing, and application of computer science. The thesis documents individual scientific work conducted by the candidate in accordance with international standards for research ethics, scientific level, and work practices in the area of computer science.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, the candidate


  • is in the forefront of knowledge in a specialization area within one or more of the fields of software engineering, sensor networks, and engineering computing.
  • has a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the art concepts, methods and technologies, and their application and limitations in his/her specific area of specialization.
  • knows the scientific work practices, engineering methods, and technologies in one or more of the fields of software engineering, sensor networks, and engineering computing.


  • has the ability to formulate, plan and carry out research work in computer science and contribute with theoretical- and practical research results that advances state-of-the-art
  • can carry out research work according to international standards in the field of computer science that advances the forefront of knowledge within his/her area of specialization.
  • can handle complex academic issues and assess his/her research work relative to the state-of-the art and applicability for the engineering of computing systems.

General competence

  • can carry out research work with scholarly integrity and in accordance with the established scientific norms and traditions for research in computer science.
  • can disseminate and publish research results through recognized channels, including scientific workshops, conferences and journal within computer science.
  • can participate in research discussions and research collaboration internally on scientific topics within his/her area of specialization.

Entry requirements

General admission criteria for the PhD programme.

Teaching methods

The main part of the work will be individual scientific work conducted by the candidate under supervision. In addition, the candidates are expected to give presentation of their research in internal fora such as meetings in the candidate's research group, seminars at the faculty level and the annual retreat of the programme of study. The candidates are also expected to participate in national and international workshops, conferences and seminars in order to meet and discuss with peer researchers within the field.

Compulsory learning activities

An approved PhD thesis must be available before the dissertation can take place


The PhD degree is awarded based on approved coursework (mandatory and elective parts), an approved interim evaluation, an approved thesis, a trial lecture on a specified topic, and an approved public defense of the thesis.

The thesis may have the form of either a monograph or of a collection of papers published in, or submitted to, peer-reviewed international workshops, conferences or journals. In the latter case, at least one paper must have been already published or accepted for publication in a high-quality journal or conference. Theses based on a collection of papers must include an overview chapter that provides an introduction to the research field, clearly states the research questions and goals, provides an overview of the research results obtained, and positions the scientific results contained in the state-of-the art in the research field.

Papers that are part of a thesis consisting of published and submitted papers are allowed to have co-authors. The thesis must then be accompanied by co-authors' statements specifying the proportion of work contributed by the candidate.

Examination support material

All support material is permitted

More about examination support material