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ING0008 Elementary Physics

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

In physics the interaction with mathematics is important to calculate physics issues. The study of necessary elementary chemistry is included in physics study and practical tests and laboratory work are intended. Required HSE training in the preliminary course and science course will be given in a safe and secure manner.

Distance, speed and time, mass, weight, volume and density. Linear motion; Equation of motion with constant acceleration; Newton`s laws, impulse and momentum; Friction; Work; kinetic energy and potential energy.

Learning Outcome


The student can

  • Explain the equation of motion for linear motion with constant acceleration.
  • Explain Newton`s 3 laws.
  • Explain the relationship between work and mechanical energy.


The student can conduct

  • Calculations of distance, speed and acceleration.
  • Calculations based on newton`s mechanic for linear motion.
  • Use of good and clear sketches as part of solutions in mechanical tasks.

-General qualification:

The student:

·         Can explain the principals of scientific thinking.

·         Can communicate with others about science issues using physical concepts and values.

·         Understands the relationship between physics and chemistry and knows the technological applications.

·         Understands physics ambitions to create quantitative models of nature phenomena.

Entry requirements

 Elementary Mathematics 1 and 2 or equivalent knowledge.

Recommended previous knowledge

 Elementary Mathematics 1 and 2 or equivalent knowledge.

Teaching methods

 Lectures and workshop

The course is taught during the autumn semester. The exam will be held early in the examination period . There is a possibility to make a repeat examination in the end of the exam period for the autumn semester.

Because this course is a prerequisite for the engineering study, the course must be passed in order to participate in the courses in the spring and continue the engineering studies after the first semester.

Compulsory learning activities

 Yes, the study requirements are specified during semester start.


Written exam, 4 hours.

Grade:  Pass/fail.

Examination support material

Simple calculator: Allowed calculator is Casio fx-82 (all varieties: ES, ES Plus, EX, Solar etc.)

More about examination support material