Fire Safety Engineering

Bachelor's degree programme

Would you like to work with fire safety issues? HVL is the only university in Norway that offers a bachelor's degree in fire safety engineering.

Focus on fire protection and safety becomes more and more important in today's society. Longer tunnels, higher buildings, complex ships and offshore installations provide great and exciting challenges for the fire engineers. The study handles fire control processes, the estimation of the size of fire, as well as the consequences of fire. The study is interdisciplinary, and the central themes are fire physics, risk analysis, internal controls, fire protection and building technology. We also focus on the planning of various emergency situations.

The teaching and learning methods are varied and aim to invite the students to activity and independent thinking. The teaching methods vary, with lectures, solving exercises in groups, and problem-based learning being the most common. In addition to individual reading, group work is the primary form of study for the students. The lecturers make a great effort in preparing the lectures and the students are expected to show prepared.

This programme is only offered in Norwegian. Information about the programme can be found at the Norwegian site.

Student exchange

Students may take 1-2 semesters of their education abroad. We have many agreements with other universities in the Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci EU programs.

Most courses are taught in Norwegian, while much of the literature is in English. In the 5th semester courses might be taught in English so that students from abroad can have an exchange, at the same time as this is a part of the internationalization for our students that don't take an exchange.

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