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MASIKT-OPG Master Thesis

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

The master's thesis will be an independent, empirical, scientific work in which the student documents insight into research and development work, relevant theory and methods relevant to the issue examined in the thesis. Based on the student's profile choice the subject will provide the student with the ability to reflect upon their own and others' work and to communicate their own research results.


The master's thesis will include:

  • academic and scientific theory positioning of the problem area and issue
  • justification of the theory and method selection
  • implementation of a research project in the chosen practice field
  • presentation, analysis and discussion of results


The master's thesis must be designed in accordance with applicable rules for master's theses at University College Stord/Haugesund. The thesis itself must not exceed 80 A4 pages. In the event of collaboration, the thesis itself must not exceed 120 A4 pages. In addition there is the summary, preamble, table of contents, literature list and appendices.

Learning Outcome

The student:


  • Have knowledge of key directions within scientific theory
  • Have knowledge of key research methods within educational research
  • Has insight into what scientific knowledge is and how this is developed
  • Have practical and theoretical knowledge of the phases of a research project
  • Have knowledge of research ethics


  • Be able to select relevant theory and develop a research design
  • Be able to formulate research questions and relate these to relevant methods
  • Be able to use software for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data


General competence:

  • Be able to evaluate the quality of existing research literature

Be able to plan, implement and evaluate a limited research project

Entry requirements

Completed 1. year in the master program, and MASIKT-VIT

Recommended previous knowledge

Completed 1. year in the master program, and MASIKT-VIT

Teaching methods

The master's thesis is an independent subject closely connected to the previous subject in the course of study and will be carried out with supervision. An individual supervision agreement will be signed by the student, supervisor(s) and study manager when the theme of the master's thesis has been determined. The student is responsible for seeking supervision in accordance with the agreed plan. It may be relevant for students to associate the work on the master's thesis with ongoing R&D work at the institution

Compulsory learning activities

Participation at mandatory seminar/lectures.


Master thesis and oral exam.

The master thesis shall not exceed 80 A4-pages. In cooperation the master thesis shall not exceed 120 A4-pages. In addition are summery, preface, inventory, bibliography and appendix. It is claimed to document which student that has done the different part of the master thesis when cooperating. In cooperation there shall be individual presentations and oral exams.

Examination support material

All written and printed tasks

More about examination support material