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MASIKT-VIT Research Methods and Philosophy of Science

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

The course focuses on providing knowledge of principal methodologies in educational research and philosophy of science. The course aims at providing students a foundation for reading and interpreting pedagogical research literature, especially as a basis for reflecting on whether the pedagogical knowledge is valid and reliable. Both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies will be addressed. The content of the course will be closely related to the students¿ own research work.

Learning Outcome


  • has knowledge about major schools of thought within philosophy of science
  • has knowledge about major research methodologies for pedagogical research
  • has an understanding of what scientific knowledge is, and how this is developed
  • has practical and theoretical knowledge of the various stages of a research project
  • has knowledge about research ethics



  • can select relevant theory and develop a research design
  • can develop research questions and relate these to relevant research methods
  • can use software for analysing quantitative and qualitative data

General Qualifications:

  • can evaluate the quality of existing research literature
  • can plan, conduct and evaluate a limited research project

Entry requirements

Students should have completed the first year of the master programme.

Teaching methods

The course contains lectures, supervision, net discussions, net based resources and work with portfolio elements. Lecturers and students will collaborate and communicate through Fronter.

Compulsory learning activities

Participation on two compulsory seminars. Specified in semester plan.



Examination support material


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