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MMO5006 Ship Propulsion Systems

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

  • Introduction to ship propulsion systems (Layout, Engines, Gears, Bearings, Seals, Shafts, Propeller, Diesel- Electric systems, ...)
  • Introduction to ship operating systems (Layout, pipework, devices, fittings, ¿)
  • Introduction to ship engines (2 stroke engines, 4 stroke engines, gas turbines)
  • Introduction to ship fuels (todays fuels and future fuels)
  • Different Fuel systems according the fuel (tanks, handling, safety)
  • Thermodynamics of combustion engines => todays and future fuels
  • Combustion => todays and future fuels
  • Propulsion system dynamics, Safety and Availability, installation complexity

of the different propulsion systems /propulsion engines  

  • Environmental aspects / efficiency, exhaust gas composition
  • Calculation and measurement methods for engine power output, fuel consumption, heat exchange, temperatures, pressures, flows, speed, exhaust gas composition,

Learning Outcome

The course aims at providing students a foundation

Theoretic and practical knowledge in ship technology. The content of the course will be closely related to the students own research work.



The students has

  • knowledge about ship propulsion systems, fuel consumption, environmental aspects and ship handling
  • knowledge about ship system layout and basic international rules for system layout
  • knowledge about major research methodologies for applied research according propulsions and ship operation systems


 Skills/General Qualifications:


The student is

  • Able to analysis ship propulsion systems on different types of ships
  • Able to layout the different systems on board
  • Able to discuss/ work with the different partners in the ship building/ maritime industry
  • Able to work in groups, manage report writing, presentation, function in a multi-disciplinary and intercultural team

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Basic knowledge about ship types, ship technology and ship building technology, working in research projects.

Teaching methods

The course contains lectures; work in groups (layout work, experiments/ measurements in the ship propulsion and operation laboratory.

Compulsory learning activities

Yes, (will be specified in the course plan by semester start).


Portfolio 100%

Grading scale 1-5

Examination support material

Will be declared during the lectures.

More about examination support material