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NAB3027 Leadership in maritime organizations

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

The course focus on main themes within the field of management, leadership and organization especially organizational culture, cooperation and conflict, team and change.  The weight will be put on challenges and dilemmas that are of great importance for the task as officer onboard.

Learning Outcome


  • The students have a broad knowledge of the most central topics and theories in the field of management
  • The students are informed of the research and developments in the field
  • The students are well aware of topics as group and team, cooperation, conflict and conflict management, motivation and change mangement, and the challenges and dilemmas within these topics
  • The students are able to update their knowledge within the field.


  • The students are able to use theory from the curriculum to recognize,  analyze and explain central themes within the field with priority on challenges and dilemmas
  • The students are able to reflect on their own management practice, and find research based knowledge, evaluate and refer to the knowledge to illustrate a problem or challenge


  • The students have knowledge of central challenges and dilemmas within the field of management, how cooperation can be developed and conflicts solved
  • The students are able to plan and participate in a project over time and contribute to the results of the project
  • The students have insight into their own behavior and management style, and are aware of ethical demands and challenges within the field
  • The students are able to futher develop their management style and reflect on how they and others can learn, develop and grow as human beings.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

The students should be able to understand and express themselves in english, and have the ability for critical thinking.

Teaching methods

Lectures, working in groups and discussions

Compulsory learning activities



Written exam, 4 hrs

Examination support material

No supporting aids allowed

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