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FE405 Fundamental Energy Concepts

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

The course gives a broad introduction to technology and technology development. In addition to introducing different energy sources and technologies, the course focuses on societal influence on technology development. Thus, the course discusses conditions and opportunities for innovation, development, and technological change. Additionally, the national and global energy system is introduced, including its resource base and development trends. Focus is on linkages between technology and society and how this can inform analyses of innovation and development of energy technology. This focus includes, inter alia, discussions of framework conditions for technology development, industry development and policy.

Learning Outcome

The main aim of the course is to introduce innovation and technology development from a broad perspective. Additionally, the course provides the students with a basic understanding of central renewable energy forms and -technologies. This also links up to interplays between technology and societal conditions and how energy consumption and technology development is influenced by non-technological dimensions



  • Knowledge of central energy sources and technologies
  • Knowledge of innovation and technology development, particularly renewable energy, from a broad perspective
  • Knowledge of the interplay between technology and society
  • Knowledge of global and national energy production and consumption
  • Knowledge of the resource base for different energy technologies
  • Knowledge on how to analyse and comprehend development of (new) renewable energy technologies and the energy system



  • The course provides basic skills on understanding the development of central energy technologies and how to consider these in conjunction with societal dimensions.



  • Ability to assess interplays between societal and technological development trends
  • Ability to assess historical, current and possible future changes in the energy system and production technologies.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures (physical and digital), guest lectures, group work.

Compulsory learning activities

1-2 individual, written assessments


Written exam, 4 hours. Graded A-F.

Examination support material


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