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OR6-1008 Management

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The course title is Management with the subtitle Managing cultural diversity.

Diversity used to be about giving people with different backgrounds job opportunities. It is still important, but more and more organizations and business leaders recognize the value of cultural diversity and that interaction with people and organizations across cultures in many cases provides greater benefits for business.

The course includes dimensions of management from both national and international perspective and presents research and theories within defined fields. 



  • Globalization
  • Describe and compare national cultures and influence on management.
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Decision making and cultural diversity
  • Interaction, Communication with cultural diversity
  • Negotiations and cultural diversity
  • Motivation and leadership with cultural diversity
  • Manage multicultural teams
  • Management challenges and Sustainability

Learning Outcome


  • Knowledge about diversity is becoming increasingly relevant to working life: Discrimination, bullying, stress and sick leave on the one hand, and opportunities and success on the other are issues that must be addressed.
  • The ability to manage diversity is therefore an important competence for today's and tomorrow's managers.
  • The perspectives presented and discussed in this course are equally important for organizations operating on the home market as for global firms, as stakeholders in general and staff in particular are increasingly multicultural in many organizations. This demands deep knowledge about multicultural management.
  • Knowledge about cultural synergy as an approch to management.



  • Identify differences and similarities in national cultures across nations.
  • Plan for multicultural and international communication
  • Plan for multiculturalcultural and international negotiations.


General competencies

  • Develop awareness of and knowledge about the multitude of dimensions and task related to management in organizations.
  • Develop awareness of and knowledge about cultural differences and develop the ability to reflect upon consequences of cultural differences on organizational management and change management.
  • Develop awerness of and stimulate reflections related to multicultural differences both on personal and professional level.

Entry requirements

OR6-1005 Strategy or equivilant.

Recommended previous knowledge

OR6-1001 Organisational theory or equivalent.

Teaching methods

Lectures and team work.

Compulsory learning activities

  • One mandatory assignment
  • Pass/fail


Written school exam.

4 hours.

Note A-F

Examination support material


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Course reductions

  • OR6-302 - Endringsleiing - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • RE6-209 - Serviceledelse - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • OR6-1002 - Leiing og strategi - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • ØAA113 - Innovasjons- og endringsleiing - Reduction: 3.5 studypoints