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NAB3040 Maritime Health, Safety and Environment

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

The course will provide the students with an introduction to various aspects of health, environment and safety (HSE) on board and in shipping companies, including understanding how work with HSE is an organizational tool for proper operation of vessels.

The course covers topics within:

  • safety management
  • preparedness management
  • occupational heath
  • risk
  • environmental pollution

Learning Outcome


  • the student has knowledge of theories and models related to safety and preparedness management.
  • The student has knowledge of methods for risk analysis.
  • The student has knowledge of factors in the working environment and the consequences for the employee's health, well-being and welfare if they are exposed to adverse physical and psychological stress.
  • The student has knowledge of research and development work in the HSE-field.
  • The student has knowledge of laws and regulations within HSE.


• The student can use tools and methods to work systematically with HSE.

• The student can reflect on his own professional practice from an HSE-perspective.

• The student can find, evaluate, and refer to relevant information and subject matter.

• The student can apply professional knowledge and relevant results from research and development work to practical issues related to HSE.


• The student has insight into relevant professional and ethical issues linked to HSE-work.

• The student can convey central subject matter such as theories, problems, and solutions.

• The student can plan and carry out work operations where the HSE review is assessed.

• The student can contribute to the development of good HSE practice in shipping companies.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Lectures and group work.

Compulsory learning activities

Written assignment and oral presentation. Students who do not pass the written assignment and oral presentation may not take the written exam.


The exam consists of a portfolio exam (weighted 40%) and a school exam (weighted 60%).

In the portfolio exam, two portfolio elements will be graded, and both elements must be passed for the portfolio to pass.

Both exams must also be passed in order to pass the course, but in the event of a failure you only need to retake the exam you did not pass.

Exams might be completed digitally.

Grade scale A-F.

Examination support material

Portfolio exam: All aids allowed

School exam: Calculator

More about examination support material