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NAB3043 Maritime Law

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

The subject Maritime Law is related to the subject Maritime Legislation (NAB2019). In Maritime Legislation the primary norwegian act was the Ship Safety and Security Act of 2007. In Maritime Law the primary norwegian act is the Maritime Act of 1994. In Maritime Law we will primarily focus on legal themes between private parties, such as the transporter/carrier and sender/chartrer, including:

- Legislation concerning ships registration, the buying and selling of ships, building, lien in/ retention of and the arrest of vessels,

- The seafarer labour act and labour rights.

- Collision liability and other cases of liability and tort, general average etc.

- Contracts and law of affreightment.

- Salvation and accident investigation.

- Ship insurance.

Learning Outcome


The student

- possesses broad knowledge of the relevant parts of Maritime Law and Legislation.

- is familiar to the legislations structure, management and areas of use.

- understands how knowledge within the legal field is renewed as a result of legislative interpretation and use.


The student

- is able to relate legislation to current issues.

- knows how to tie simple legal material to actual cases and possesses accordingly the ability to interpret and apply the rules of law in accordance with legal method.

- is able to present the basic theoretical understanding of the legal framework and the legal aspects of contracts.

General Qualifications:

The student

- understands the legal impact of being a professional maritime officer.

- understands that he or she, as a Master, will possess the prime legal authority on board a ship.

- understands that he or she represents the Company.

- interrelates factual and legal assessments.

- understands and is able to take part in discussions of relevant maritime legal matter.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Completed the subject Maritme Legislation (NAB2019). Some basic knowledge with respect to Law may come useful. Legal entry-course literature may be used prior to or along with the course.

Teaching methods

Lectures and self-study.

Compulsory learning activities

One written assigment that must be passed.


Written exam 5 hours.

Grading Scale A - F.

Examination support material

Lovdata.no and published collections of legal acts.

More about examination support material