ENG3-1010 English-Speaking Literature 1

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

Literature is an independent module within the English Year Unit.

In this course the students will learn how to appreciate and analyse different genres of English-speaking literature and use of literary devices.

Special attention is given to writing and academic criteria for text production. The students will receive training in oral presentations, and they are also expected to participate actively in group work and seminars.

Learning Outcome


  • English-speaking literature
  • Genres and their central criteria
  • Norms for academic text production and responsible and critical use of source material


  • On successful completion of the module, students should be able to appreciate and analyse English-speaking literature, understand cultural and social conventions in English-speaking countries , mainly in the British Isles and the USA , and apply stylistic and cultural conventions in text production.

General competence

  • On successful completion of the module, students should be able to plan and carry out individual assignments in accordance with ethical requirements and principles, and articulate ideas and professional standpoints both orally and in writing.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Teaching will primarily consist of seminars. The course requires systematic work with reading and active participation in class (also see 'arbeidskrav'). The learning platform Canvas will be used to relay information and provide feedback on student work.

Since English is our only teaching medium but also our target language, classes in literature are based mostly on interaction between students and lecturer, or between students, through a variety of activities (role-plays, group discussion, presentations, etc - all in English) revolving around the various texts studied in the course. In addition, each new lecture is made accessible through knowledge and skills acquired in previous lectures, which are then expanded through active participation in class.

Course requirements

Attendance to all classes is compulsory. In addition, students will write one home assignment based on the texts studied in class. This assignment will receive feedback and is subject to approval by the lecturer.


Oral exam, 30 minutes.

Grading A-F.