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BRL106 Friluftsliv and Nature Guiding Winter II

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

In this course students gain fundamental knowledge and practical experience leading outdoor activities in the wintertime. This course focuses on backcountry nordic skiing and camping in mountain areas above the treeline. It builds on the content and experiences from the introduction to winter outdoor activities course (Friluftsliv og naturguiging winter I).

Students develop knowledge, skills and experience with group dynamics, camp routines, travel routines, trip planning including equipment and food, and map skills, particularly map coordinates, compass, and GPS.

Learning Outcome


The student:

  • is familiar with the facilitation of winter friluftsliv activities and interpretation in a winter environment.
  • is familiar with traditional nordic winter friluftsliv in the mountains above treeline, particularly backcountry nordic ski touring.
  • is thoroughly acquainted with camp routines, trip food planning and preparation, and travelling and navigation routines for groups on winter trips in the mountains above treeline.
  • has knowledge of risk management related to winter in the mountains above treeline, such as risk of hypothermia and avalanches.


The student:

  • is able to facilitate skills, norms and values that are part of winter friluftsliv.
  • can plan and carry out winter trips in mountain areas above treeline that focus on learning and enjoyment and are appropriately matched to the group's abilities.
  • can navigate in the mountains in the wintertime using maps, compass and GPS.
  • is able to recognize avalanche terrain, and plan secure ski trip routes.
  • is able to use relevant equipment, establish appropriate camp sites, and apply common routines and techniques for winter travel.
  • is able to spend the night in tents and snowcaves as a part of multiday trips.

General competence

The student shall demonstrate:

  • the ability to evaluate risk and safety in the mountains above treeline during wintertime.
  • critical reflection about how to plan and facilitate good nature experiences for groups in the wintertime.

Entry requirements

Participated in and passed the course BRL105, Friluftsliv og naturguiding vinter 1.

Recommended previous knowledge

Be prepared for multiday excursions on backcountry nordic skis with winter camping in tents and snowcaves. Be able to carry a backpack with one's own equipment on excursions.

Teaching methods

Some theory will be covered in lectures and seminars, but the majority of the teaching and learning will be practical, during the outdoor excursions.

Reflective writing about the excursions.


  • Winter trip, 4-6 days
  • Self-planned trip on snow, 3-5 days

Compulsory learning activities

  • Active participation in excursions (including planning, carrying out, and evaulation)
  • Attendance is required for all practical sessions
  • Reflective writing assignment after each excursion
  • Practice and pass an assignment related to the practical facilitation of an activity for a group during the winter

The student must pass each of the above requirements before taking the exam.


Individual practical exam. Graded with letter grades (A - F).

Examination support material


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