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MAS316 Modelling of Renewable Energy Systems

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

In this course, students will gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles related to renewable energy production, including areas like hydrogen production and wind energy. The curriculum integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical calculations, equipping students with the proficiency to model renewable energy production processes effectively.

Students will enhance their expertise in data analysis and modelling, essential skills for the renewable energy sector. They will be capable of conducting resource potential assessments, select optimal installation sites, and performing cost-benefit analyses to optimize renewable energy projects.

Learning Outcome


  • Understanding renewable energy, including hydrogen and wind energy.


  • Proficiency in energy calculations and modelling.
  • Ability to analyse and apply theoretical knowledge.
  • Competency in data collection and analysis for renewable energy projects.

General Competences:

  • Effective modelling and academic presentation.
  • Strong teamwork and time management skills.
  • Identifying solutions in renewable energy and contributing to professional discussions.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

MAS208 Introduction to Renewable Energy

Teaching methods

Lectures, self study and calculation exercises

Compulsory learning activities

Compulsory assignments


Project in groups

Grade: A - E / passed; F / failed.

Examination support material


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