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PL416 Landscape Assessment

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

Introduction to the concept of landscape and knowledge about the European landscape convention. Landscape analysis of a landscape by the method of the Norwegian Environment Agency and Directorate for Cultural Heritage. This includes registration of natural condtions like geology, terrain, climate and vegetation, as well as land use and settlements, historical conditions, cultural references and visual landscape descriptions, to analyse and assess landscape character and landsacape value. Also consequences of developments on landscape character are assessed.

Learning Outcome


The student shall:

  • know different ways of understanding the term landscape.
  • know the European landscape convention.
  • understand the importance of landscape character and landscape value.


The student shall:

  • have the ability to collect information about landscape through own observations and different sources, and to extract relevant information.
  • have the ability to present a landscape analysis both written and visual through maps and pictures.

General competence

The student shall

  • be able to carry out a complete landscape analysis for an area, deciding landscape character and the value of the landscape based on the landscape properties.
  • is able to discuss the problem with objectivity in analyses of landscapes.

Entry requirements

No formal prerequisites

Teaching methods

Lectures. Teacher supervised work performing landscape analysis for an particular area (in groups). Collection of own information from written and oral sources, in addition to field observations.

Compulsory learning activities

Approved written assignment in groups, background for home exam

Participation in 1-2 excurisions in the study area


Home examination, 3 days

Grading: A-F

Course reductions

  • PL416 - Landskapsanalyse. Landskapslære 1 - Reduction: 10 studypoints