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RE6-1000 Introduction to Tourism

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

In this subject, students will gain knowledge and a basic understanding of various central parts of the tourism industry. Tourism is an ever-growing social phenomenon, and as an industry, it is complex and continuously developing. The students will gain an understanding of the history of tourism as well as the tourism industry today. Furthermore, the students will, among other things, learn about different purposes to travel, travel patterns and the diverse market, the tourism product, different stakeholders in the tourism industry, and sustainable/responsible tourism.

Learning Outcome

After completing the course, it is expected that the candidate has the following learning outcomes defined in knowledge, skills, and general competence:


On completion of the course, the candidate has knowledge of concepts and theories related to:

- the history of tourism, traditions, and the industry’s place in society

- key terms and definitions relevant to tourism

- tourism as a social phenomenon and as an industry

- development features and trends in tourism

- how the overall tourism product is put together

- different purposes of traveling and the tourism market

- tourism, sustainability, and the environment


On completion of the course, the candidate can apply different professional perspectives and theoretical approaches to:

- communicate and discuss relevant theories, models, and analyses both in writing and oral

- apply tourism knowledge and relevant results from research to practical and theoretical issues

General competence:

Upon completion of the course, the candidate can:

- convey literature and relevant research and find relevant issues within tourism

Entry requirements

None beyond the admission requirements, see the study plan.

Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures, self study, seminars, field trip and guest lecture.

Compulsory learning activities

Up to three mandatory assigments. The assignments must be passed in order to take the exam.


Written school exam, 4 hours.

Examination support material


More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • RE6-104 - Reiselivskunnskap - Reduction: 5.5 studypoints