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RE6-2006 Practical Placement in a Tourism Business

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

The aim of the practical placement is to give the students insight and knowledge about daily chores in tourism businesses. Working with authentic tasks, reflections and guidance should prepare the students for understanding methods, issues, processes and tools in work life.

Learning Outcome


Students should

  • Have knowledge around central issues, theories, methods and tools within operations of tourism businesses.
  • Assess knowledge around research and general operations of tourism businesses.
  • Assess knowledge around the history, traditions and uniqueness of practical placement in society.
  • Assess knowledge around practical operations of a tourism business or organization.
  • Assess knowledge around different subjects and reflect upon how to use it in practical placement.


Students should

  • Use skills and theory on practical issues and solve this according to best practice
  • Reflect upon their own practical placement and adjust according to guidance.
  • Find, evaluate and refer to information and literature that address issues and challenges within operational tourism management.
  • Control relevant tools, techniques and expressions within operational management.
  • Be able to execute different tasks within the chosen business of practical placement.

General knowledge

Students should

  • Have insight in policies for work life
  • Be able to question the operational management to make improvement.
  • Be able to communicate and co-operate with the involved stakeholders.
  • Be able to plan and solve tasks in an independent way.
  • Have insight into relevant ethical questions.

Recommended previous knowledge

Introduction to tourism

Hospitality in tourism

Special Interest Tourism & Storytelling


Teaching methods

The student should attend to relevant tasks and operational management during the period of practical placement and co-operate closely with the business and the school. It is required from the student to log and write a report from their work experience. Also, it is required that the student will find relevant literature for this report and their practical placement.

Compulsory learning activities

3 assignments

  1. Attendance pre-seminar before the practical placement.
  2. Practical placement in a business/organization including 150 working hours.
  3. Attendance and oral presentation post- seminar after the practical placement.


Individual home exam which forms the report from the practical placement 4

Graded: passed/not passed