MGUEN550 English 3, module 4 - Master’s thesis

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

This study component represents one of the four master-level courses for the subject English. It takes place across the two semesters of the fifth study year and is valid for GLU 1-7 and GLU 5-10.

Students are to carry out an independent research project that has relevance for English as a school subject and is documented in a Master’s thesis. The work on the thesis builds on competences acquired in the preceding modules of the Master’s programme.

The thesis must be written in English and is equivalent to 45 credit points.

The Master's thesis should show the student's ability to deal with issues connected to the subject English in an independent and systematic way. The topic of the thesis should ideally be connected to an aspect that has been taught in the courses on English at the Master's level and is developed by the student under the supervision from an English instructor.

If students would like to write a co-authored thesis (samskriving), they need to discuss this option with their supervisor.

Learning Outcome


On completion of the module, the students will

  • have gained in-depth knowledge of the field of research related to the Master’s thesis
  • have in-depth knowledge of the theoretical issues and research methods associated with their study
  • have knowledge of ethical issues related to research


On completion of the module, the students are able to

  • design and carry out a research project relevant to the field
  • search for and critically review research relevant to their project and position their study in this field
  • design relevant and well-constructed research questions leading to feasible research projects
  • select and justify methods appropriate for answering the research question(s)
  • analyse and discuss the data in light of the research questions and previous research in the field
  • critically address issues of research ethics both in general and those associated with their research
  • follow the conventions of academic writing in English

General competences

On completion of the module, the students are able to

  • work independently on a research project
  • apply critical thinking to a variety of professional situations
  • contribute to professional developments that promote research-based pedagogical innovation at school

Entry requirements

Students must have passed their teaching practice and FOU-oppgave.

Recommended previous knowledge

Students should have passed MGBEN501/502/503 or MGUEN501/502/503, as these are courses that prepare them for the Master's thesis.

Teaching methods

For this study component, students will carry out independent research under supervision from an instructor.

Compulsory learning activities

Students have to give an oral presentation of their Master's project. Further guidelines will be given in the course of the term.

The mandatory assignment must be completed and approved in order for students to submit their master’s theses.


The Master’s thesis is assessed by one external and one internal examiner. Grades A to F are used in assessment. 

Assessment criteria

Master’s theses should display students’ research competences and document their ability to observe phenomena, analyse data, and discuss findings in the light of theoretical and methodological insights.

More information on assessment criteria can be found in the general guidelines for Master’s theses ("Retningslinjer for masteroppgave i grunnskolelærer-utdanningene ved HVL", see under "Generelle vurderingskriterier").

Examination support material

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