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Study plan - Master degree in Creative Disciplines and Learning Processes

Autumn 2018

The MA programme is a post-graduate programme. The programme gives in-depth knowledge through the students choice of discipline profile (chosen discipline and master assignment). Announced discipline profiles for 2014 is music and art & craft. (students choose one discipline profile)

The programme is also designed to give broad knowledge about the MA domain through some common courses for all students as well as in-depth knowledge and practice in the chosen discipline profile. Artistic production, e.g. as concerts and/or exhibitions, are important parts of the programme, and the master assignment may also focus on this.

Learning outcomes

ThLearning outcome :

The student should (knowledge):

  • have advanced knowledge within the domains of creative and curriculum aesthtetic subjects and corresponding learning processes as well as specialised insights and knowledge in a specific field (profile discipline) within this group of disciplines.
  • have in-depth knowledge in and about creativity, science- and aesthetic theories relevant for the MA domain
  • be able to analyse relevant problems and research questions in the MA domain related to its history, traditions and evaluation practice
  • be able to plan, implement and evaluate research and development processes within and related to the MA domain.


After completed programme the student should be able to (skills):

  • analyse existing theories within the MA domain and work independently on relevant research questions connected to his/her chosen profile discipline
  • use relevant methods for research and development within and connectd to the MA domain
  • conduct and lead artistic productions, e.g. concerts, exhibitions and performances
  • analyse and critically evaluate different information sources and use this information in domain relevant reasoning and writing
  • implement and document an independent major piece of R&D work ethically and professionally


Completed programme will qualify for the students ability to (general competence):

  • analyse relevant research questions for MA domain relevant occupations and systems for learning
  • use knowledge in new areas in a professional way
  • communicate her/his own research professionally
  • contribute to new ways of working within the MA domain and lead educational innovation


The study has been organised to include lectures, mandatory meetings and internet-based resources. The course of study can be taken full-time or part-time.