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Study plan - Interdisciplinary postgraduate education in drug abuse

Autumn 2019

Contents: 5 courses with a total of 60 credits with final exams in each course

Practical Information about the Course: Part-time education with week assemblies/single days on campus.

Profile: Coping, empowerment and relation competence

Target Group: People in private and public sector working with drug abuse

Learning outcomes


The Candidate:

  • has advanced drug-related knowledge of challenges concerning prevention and health promotion
  • has comprehensive knowledge of how drug abuse and drug addiction influence individuals and their families
  • has comprehensive knowledge of models for interaction with users/patients, next of kin and partners



The Candidate:

  • is able to identify, assess and implement professionally justifiable measures for health promotion, prevention and treatment
  • is able to display understanding and respect towards people struggling with drug abuse, their life experience and circumstances of life
  • is able to promote improvement, quality of life and coping in drug abusers who also struggle with a mental illness


General Competence:

The Candidate:

  • is able to take the initiative to organise interdisciplinary/interdepartmental cooperation for discussing professional problems and conclusions
  • is able to impart knowledge and express one¿s own skills in different occupational contexts
  • is able to analyse relevant professional, occupational and research ethical problems on individual and social levels
  • is able to analyse and act in accordance with the framework conditions that are relevant within the context of one¿s own occupation

 R&D base: Advanced level of curriculum. Lecturers: senior lecturers/professorial status. Lecturers from the University College and national and international competence milieus.


Working Methods: Instruction, tutorial, teamwork. Moreover, the study is based on obligatory participation in instruction groups, communication on the net and substantial individual effort between the assemblies.


Practical Training: Interdisciplinary instruction groups throughout the study


Home examination and assignment


International curriculum and lecturers.



Programme/Course Plan:

RUS6101 Drug abuse-related social and health issues

RUS6202 Perspectives on Health Promotion, Prevention and Treatment in Drug Abuse

VIT6202 Theory of Science, Methodology and Ethics

RUS6103 Concurrent drug and mental disorders

RUS6104 User Management and Interaction Between Service Levels