Tell us about the learning environment at HVL

As a student, you should feel safe at HVL, this means having a safe and engaging learning environment. We therefore depend on your feedback so that we can improve.

HVL works systematically on the quality of the courses we offer - we would like you to provide feedback through your student union representative and reference groups and through our other usual channels. You can also find more information regarding our systematic work on ensuring course quality here. If you can’t find the help you’re looking for through these channels, we have provided an option to report a case in connection with HVL’s teaching, the learning environment or course quality below - this can be done by name or anonymously. 

You can also report information about unwanted incidents regarding health, environment and safety, such as accidents/near misses and injuries/damage to people, the buildings or the environment. Alternatively, you can let us know about unacceptable conditions, such as bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination or other issues we should be aware of.

You can report these here:

If you need any IT help, you can find it here.

Need someone to talk to?

Want to get involved?

The Western Norway Student Council (STVL)

Call the HVL emergency number in the event of a serious incident: 

48 11 07 00. This is the number for Nokas, which is open 24 hours a day. They will notify the crisis group assigned to the location of the incident. 

In case of danger to life or to health and safety, always notify the fire department (110), police (112) and ambulance (113) first!

On, you can find preventative training and advice on how to act in a crisis situation. The information provided has been adapted for students and employees of universities and university colleges in Norway.


All employees and students can report a case through the Let Us Know! system. Your report will be dealt with confidentially. As a student, you can submit a report by name and receive a response once the case has been processed (within two weeks) or you can choose to submit the report anonymously. If you opt for the latter, you will not receive a response, but you will be able to see how the case has been handled in the Learning Environment Committee report, which is published every six months.