The Steering Group and Boards

The administrative and organisational structure will contribute to the highest possible standard of research. To support this, three advisory boards with different functions will support the leader team of the centre.

The KINDknow leader team consist of one person from each Work package (WP). Each WP will also have at least one more person in the core team to make sure that the leader team meets at key stages during the course of developing the centre and will be involved in strategic decisions. The leader team will meet regularly in order to share and build the centre.

Below you will find information about members in the groups and boards.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group will oversee the research centre, provide advice and ensure that protocol is followed. Members are:

The Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board will support the academic work of the WPs and the centre. Members are:

The User Board

The User Board will provide input to the WPs about needs of different participants and about the development of participatory methodologies. Members are: