For applicants

Do you wish to apply for status as a merited educator? The merit scheme for educators aims to highlight good educators who have a well-founded educational philosophy and work systematically, scientifically and in collaboration with colleagues to develop quality in education. Merited educator status can be awarded to permanent staff in scientific positions at HVL.


Merit scheme for outstanding educators – call for applications 2023 

Award criteria

The criteria for being granted merited educator status at HVL is that the applicant, over the course of time

  1. places emphasis on the students' learning process in the planning, implementation and assessment of their own teaching. This means that the applicant:
    1.1. works systematically to develop his teaching and supervision practice and reflects on the connections between his own teaching practice and the students' learning process  
    1.2. collaborates with colleagues, students, management or actors in the field of practice on the development of teaching quality  
    1.3. has a plan for the continued development of their own teaching and own competence as an educator  
  2. demonstrates a systematic, research-based and scientific approach to teaching practice. This means that the applicant:
    2.1. justifies and reflects on their way of solving teaching tasks by basing choices on relevant research and theory about teaching and learning in higher education and/or their own subject area  
    2.2. is knowledge-based and systematic when it comes to the development and testing of forms of teaching and assessment, or varied teaching aids that support the students' learning processes  
    2.3. communicates experiences from their work with teaching in various ways, e.g. through journal articles, presentations at conferences, in reports, or in internal fora 
  3. has a collegial attitude and is an active educational contributor with a focus on sharing experiences related to educational quality. This means that the applicant:
    3.1. shares experiences and interacts with management, colleagues, students or others to develop professional communities concerning quality in teaching 
    3.2. has initiated, played a central role in or led study plan work, educational or didactic development work, study quality work or research work with relevance to the education and based on HVL's strategic plans 
    3.3. has a plan for further strategic development work to raise the quality of teaching in the professional environment  

The application is a pedagogical portfolio

The application for status as a merited educator shall comprise a pedagogical portfolio. At HVL, we use the term pedagogical portfolio to refer to the collated, systematic presentation that documents educational practice and competence in the event of appointment and promotion. 

The pedagogical portfolio consists three parts: 

Part 1: 

A coherent presentation, in which the applicant describes, reflects on and documents pedagogical development work and their competence as an educator. The presentation can be organised according to the criteria for merited educator status, or in other ways which make it clear how the criteria for merited educator status have been met (up to 7,500 words). 

Part 2: 

Educational practice CV.Enter teaching-related work, preferably grouped into categories. List your competence as an educator and your teaching activities in higher education. You can either use your own CV or the teaching CV template available at Examples of CV content: 

Formal pedagogical education relevant to teaching in higher education 

Experience of teaching and supervision 

Experience of colleague guidance 

Development work related to education, such as development and revision of subject and study plans 

Work with educational management 

Pedagogical dissemination and experience sharing 

Publications and R&D work – articles, books, chapters, reports, columns, conference presentations and the like that deal with the development of teaching 

Part 3: 

Appendices. Applicants can attach up to 11 appendices to document, support and illuminate aspects of the pedagogical portfolio. One of the appendices must be a letter of recommendation from their leader (see template at Only relevant appendices that are referred to in the texts in the pedagogical portfolio should be included. Examples of appendices could be:   

  • Documentation and examples from the development of learning resources
  • Scientific articles and other published written contributions related to the development of teaching   
  • Reports on the development of subjects/programmes   
  • Documentation of colleague guidance   
  • An edited compilation of, and reflection on, student evaluations and other feedback 
  • Preparation of learning designs and teaching plans   


The application must be written in Norwegian (Bokmål or New Norwegian), English, Swedish or Danish. 

Deadline for applications

Applications must be submitted via Jobbnorge no later than 29th June 2023. 

You can find the link to the announcement and application form at Jobbnorge here and elsewhere on this website. 

Who can apply

You must be permanently employed, with your primary post at HVL, and have been employed for at least five years in a professional teaching position in higher education to be able to apply for merited teacher status. 

Application process

Guidance for applicants is given in the form of applicant webinars providing joint information and guidance in the spring of 2023. All the webinars will be recorded and may be viewed on the HVL merit scheme webpage. It will additionally be possible to submit written questions that will be answered in an FAQ column on the merit scheme webpage. All applications, both approved and rejected, will receive a written explanation from the committee by 1st November 2023. 


The applications are assessed by an assessment committee. The committee will assess each individual application in respect of the award criteria. The committee's assessment must be unanimous for an applicant to be nominated for merit. The committee's recommendation must be approved by the rector at HVL. 

Assessment committee

Main committee    

  • Associate Professor Kristine Ludvigsen (committee chair), HVL   
  • Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen, HVL   
  • Student XX, HVL  
  • Professor/merited educator, Hilde Larsen Damsgaard, University of South-Eastern Norway  

The main committee assesses all the applications.   

Faculty representatives (to be updated)   

  • XX (FLKI)   
  • XX (FØS)  
  • Associate Professor Gry Sjøholt (FIN)  
  • Associate Professor Katrine Aasekjær (FHS)  

The faculty representatives only assess applications from their own faculty.  



Those who achieve status of merited educator will receive a salary increase of NOK 50,000. The educational environment the applicant represents will receive a lump sum of NOK 100,000 for the further development of educational quality. These funds must be utilised before the end of the following financial year, i.e. before 31.12.2024. Merited educator status remains valid as long as the person concerned is employed at HVL. Merited educators will be included in the Division for Academic (ALU) Development’s university pedagogical work. When merited educator status has been awarded, the pedagogical portfolio of the person(s) concerned will be posted on HVL’s website. 


The following templates may be used for applicants to the merited educator scheme: