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Applicants with questions about the merited educator scheme may send their questions to the email address below. We recommend watching the recordings from the applicant webinars, spring 2023. Do check to see if your question is answered in one of the webinars. Persons asking questions will be anonymised.

Frequently asked questions – and answers 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  1. I have recently changed jobs internally. Which of my leaders should write the letter of recommendation?   
    Answer: It is natural that your letter of recommendation is written by your current leader. Among other things, the leader should describe relevant areas for the applicant to work in as a merited educator. See the cue-lines in the template for leader’s statement for more information 
  2. On what grounds do some applications fail to measure up?  
    Answer: If an application does not measure up, it means that one or more of the assessment committee deems the application not to fulfil the criteria and/or formal requirements needed to achieve the status of merited educator.  
  3. The summary form for the assessment committee shows total points per criterion and sub-criterion, with a point scale from 1 to 3. Will this be done in the same way this time? And does this amount to a quantitative assessment? 
    Answer: The form is shared in DLR. A description of its use may also be found in the same place. The form has been developed for the work of the committee. The assessments are qualitative. The form provides a summarised overview of the provisional assessments of each committee member before the committee meets. The form is used as a starting point for discussions and to identify similarities and dissimilarities in the assessments for each criterion. The reason for the use of numbers and colours in the form is to meet requirements for universal design. The form will be used in the second round of the pilot scheme and we will subsequently evaluate its use. 
  4. In sub-criterion 1.2. it says: "collaborates with colleagues, students, management or actors in the field of practice on the development of teaching quality." What lies in the wording "collaboration with management"? 
    Answer: Collaborating with colleagues, students, management or actors in the field of practice on the development of teaching quality is a criterion for being assessed for merited educator status. The individual applicant must choose what they wish to emphasise under this sub-criterion.  
  5. In sub-criterion 1.3. it says: "development of own competence as an educator". What does “competence as an educator” mean in this context?   
    Answer: Each individual applicant must assess what is important to emphasise in relation to the development of their own competence as a teacher under sub-criterion 1.3. 
  6. In sub-criterion 3.2. it says: “has initiated, played a central role in or led study plan work, educational or didactic development work, study quality work or research work with relevance to the education and based on HVL's strategic plans”. What is required to be able to say one has “played a central role” in the work?  
    Answer: Sub-criterion 3.2 is thus formulated to allow applicants to describe different roles in this type of work. Applicants must assess what they wish to emphasise or highlight in their application. 
  7. In sub-criterion 3.3. it says: “has a plan for further strategic development work to raise the quality of teaching in the professional environment”. Is the applicant to describe results or plans? 
    Answer: For this sub-criterion, the applicant shall describe his/her “plan for further strategic development work to raise the quality of teaching in the professional environment”. The individual applicant must choose what they wish to emphasise. One possibility could, for example, be to see this in the context of a plan for future activities in the role of merited educator, cf. leader’s statement template. 
  8. Can multiple educators/professional environments submit a joint application for the merited educator scheme? 
    Answer: Only individual applications may be submitted in response to this call. The question will be included for assessment by the scheme. 
  9. Why do we have a to include a letter of recommendation from our leader? 
    Answer: The leader's statement is important to involve both the leader and the professional community in the development of teaching practice and educational quality. Obtaining a leader’s statement is common practice in merit schemes and is being introduced under the second call for applications at HVL as part of the pilot scheme. The use of the leader’s statement will be assessed following the pilot scheme. 
  10. I applied for merited educator status in response to the call for applications in 2021. Can I reapply for merited educator status in 2023?  
    Answer: In the call for applications 2023, the following requirement as to whom can apply is made: “You must be permanently employed, with your primary post at HVL, and have been employed for at least five years in a professional teaching position in higher education to be able to apply for merited teacher status.” In keeping with this, previous applicants for merited educator status may also apply in response to the new call for applications. There are no ‘quarantine rules’ in relation to previous applicants. Be aware that some of the criteria and requirements for application have been altered since the previous call for applications.  
  11. In the Jobbnorge applicant portal, the first step is to fill in the "application text". What and how much should applicants write here? 
    Answer: The application must be “a pedagogical portfolio” consisting three parts, cf. the call for applications. Therefore the text field in Jobbnorge entitled “application text” need not be filled out. If you wish, you may write a short text along the lines of: “My application is attached. Sincerely XX”. Whether you leave the field empty or write a short message makes no difference. Whatever the applicant does or does not write in this field in Jobbnorge will not be given consideration in the committee’s assessment. 
  12. I wonder if the word limit of 7500 words in the 'coherent presentation' in the pedagogical portfolio also includes references? Or are the references not included? 
    Answer: [answer on the way...] 
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