Merit scheme for outstanding educators

Merited teaching status may be awarded to employees in educational positions who have shown significant efforts to ensure educational quality in the broadest sense. The first call for merit-based status at HVL came in 2021, with the subsequent awarding of merited educator status to five of the applicants in 2022.




The new call for applications 2023 features a "frequently asked questions" column under the ‘For applicants’ webpage. Interested parties are encouraged to follow the applicant webinars during spring 2023; these will also be available as recordings. The webinars will include information about the scheme, give tips and advice for writing an application and provide the opportunity to ask questions. 

Other general inquiries and questions can be addressed to one of the following:  

Academic contact:  

bilde av Kristine Ludvigsen

Kristine Ludvigsen

Associate Professor

Administrative contact personnel: 

bilde av Morten Morlandstø

Morten Morlandstø

Senior Adviser

Contact HR: 

Pro-rector for education 

The model for piloting a merit rating scheme at HVL was adopted by the board in case no. 62/2020. The pilot scheme is undertaken by means of two calls for applications and assessment. The formal responsibility lies with the pro-rector for education.  

bilde av Anne-Grethe Naustdal

Anne-Grethe Naustdal

Pro-Rector for Education

Division of Academic Development 

The practical responsibility for undertaking the call for applications, assessment process and evaluation of the pilot scheme is placed with the Division of Academic Development (ALU). ALU in turn a division under the pro-rector for education. 

bilde av Robert Isaksen

Robert Isaksen

Division Manager

To the Division of Academic Development (ALU)