Asynchronous online teaching

The term ‘asynchronous online teaching’ could include anything from short video clips to massive open online courses (MOOC). However, on this page, our scope is limited to what we call ‘resource lectures’.

A number of our online-based courses at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences alter between online seminars and resource lectures. A resource lecture is a teaching session that could make us of various video clips, sound recordings/podcasts, texts, individual assignments, quizzes and discussion forums. With this type of lecture, you can prepare the content long before it needs to be made available for the students. This teaching method is therefore almost as flexible for you as the tutor, as it is for the students. We publish resource lectures on the learning platform Canvas.


As with all other forms of teaching, variety is key when it comes to resource lectures. You should therefore try to switch between the numerous forms of presentation and activities you have at your disposal. If you have a lot of teaching content that you want to present via video, it might be a good idea to make several short video clips, instead of one long one. You could also include a few activities for the students to complete between each video clip.

Conducting the session

The students can choose for themselves how and when they will complete the resource lectures. It is nevertheless normal to expect that the students will have completed these before the next online seminar. Try to make the resource lecture such that the expected amount of time it takes to complete workload for it is approximately equal to the duration of an online seminar.