Synchronous online teaching

For our synchronous online courses, students will attend classes in a virtual classroom at a specified time. We offer online seminars for these courses.

At the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, we use the conference tool Zoom for these kinds of online meetings. By using Zoom, you can: see and communicate with your students in real time, present your subject through the help of different forms of media and can get your students to engage with the course content in various ways.

It is vital that everyone participating in the online seminar has the technical and practical prerequisites in place. This includes the right equipment, software, settings and access to the online room. If you and/or your students are new to Zoom, you’ll need to spend some time getting acquainted with it.

When you begin your online teaching, you will have a lot of options at your disposal, and as the tutor, you must think carefully about how to structure and conduct the course. Below, you’ll find a number of tips you may want to read before getting started on preparing your first online seminar. You can find out about how best to get to know your students, and the various tools you could use to help plan out a session. 

In this section, you’ll find information on: how to record a session, advice on ways in which you can begin a session, and how you can let the students introduce themselves.