Use of film and music for teaching purposes

HVL holds a number of agreements that allow the university to use film and some music for teaching purposes. In this section, you can read about who we hold agreements with, and what they have authorised the use of.


Authorises us to use TV programmes for our teaching activities. The agreement includes all of NRK’s TV and radio channels, a number of European TV channels and most Norwegian-produced feature films.
Questions regarding what material has or has not authorised can be directed to Norwaco.

Read more about the Norwaco agreement, and what it authorises for your teaching activities.


Authorises the showing of feature films for teaching purposes, from most foreign film companies.

Read more about MPLC


This is an online video-on-demand service for use by HVL staff when teaching. The service offers over 2,200 films, including films from Norwegian and international film archives.

Contact the library for the username and password.