Creative learning

Learning in various arenas and pedagogical innovation processes are important to meet future challenges in society and our working life. HVL offers one of the most extensive teacher education programmes in Norway, with research and education taking place in close collaboration with relevant fields of practice.

Collaboration partners

In addition to educate teachers, we work to find new ways of combining traditional learning with creative, active, and practical learning trough art and sport. Here you find some of our selected collaboration partners.

Idrettsklynge Vest

Idrettsklynge Vest is a catalyst for collaboration between eight partners within sports, physical activity, and public health. Through this cluster HVL collaborates closely with The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Olympiatoppen and SK Brann football club. HVL include various professional and research environments that collaborate and contribute their expertise related to public health, physical activity, and sports in Western Norway.

Andøya Space Education

Andøya Space Education is an aerospace company with over six decades of operational experience. They support scientists, engineers, students, and government entities by providing the means for flying, launching, testing, and research and to educate and inspire. Together with Andøya Space Education, HVL looks forward to developing teaching and research and together increase knowledge about space at school as well as in teacher education.

Research collaboration

bilde av Learning is Visual

Learning is Visual

Disturbed vision is an important factor that can account for pupils struggling with reading and learning. Teachers have little insight into this issue.

bilde av How to talk to children about natural science topics

How to talk to children about natural science topics

SciTalk is a collaboration between four universities in three different countries, put together of researchers from both language and science and practicioners from kindergarten and school.