Head of Section

Joost Van Wijchen

Field of work

I am head of Bachelor Physiotherapy. In here I am responsible for the study program, by means of content, pedagogy, and staff, with the aim to be sustainable and future-ready. My main focus is on progressive learning, togetherness and internationalisation.

Professional and research interests: Critical Pedagogy, Competence building for todays and future societal needs, equity, social justice, sustainability, health (public & global), planetary health and physical activity.

Additional roles


The last years I worked as educational designer and senior lecturer rundt critical pedagogy, flexibility, inclusive assessments, partnership in learning, and innovation, within  the connected areas of education, physiotherapy and health. I combined this with being a consultant physiotherapist. Physiotherapy areas I worked with are: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (manual therapy), sports physiotherapy, pain, refugee and migration health.


Courses taught

Currently I am not teaching, though my areas are:

  • Intercultural sensitivity, equity & justice
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, theory & practice
  • Clinical & Critical reasoning, philosophy
  • Health models, theory & practice
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Future orientation
  • digital health
  • pain education with patients
Research areas

Research & developement areas:

  • Assessment for learning
  • Health pedagogy
  • University pedagogy
  • planetary health
  • social justice
  • Digital health
  • physiotherapy
  • pain education
Research groups


  • Pain education for patients

    Belton, Joletta, Van Wijchen, Joost (2023)
  • "Evighetsmennesket" – hvilke etiske utfordringer må vi forberede oss på?

    Eriksen, Annelin, Engen, Caroline Benedicte Nitter, Van Wijchen, Joost (2023)
  • Use of micro-credentials for interprofessional online education and training of health workers: A scoping review

    McGowan, Emer, Quinn, Sarah, Romero Mas, Montse, Van Wijchen, Joost, Van den Harr, Hanneke, Jalovcic, Djenana (2023)
  • Future Sustainable Practices

  • Learning, comfortable uncertain, joyful complex

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