Associate Professor

Kristine Berg Titlestad

Field of work

I am a social educator with work experience in the field of autism spectrum disorders, particularly with children and adolescents. Additionally, I have worked in the homes of individuals with disabilities and have experience from a habilitation center, the Educational and Psychological Services (PPT), and specialized healthcare services.

I have pursued further education in counseling, clinical miliue therapy, grief counseling, higher education pedagogy, and ICT and learning in higher education. I hold a master's degree in evidence-based practice in healthcare.

At Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, I work as an educator and researcher. I also serve as the director of Cochrane Norway.

Together with Lillian Bruland Selseng, I am the project leader for the Drug-related death and recovery (END) project. My doctoral project was a part of the END project, where I studied the consequences and burdens of drug-related deaths on bereaved parents and how they cope with everyday life. 

Alongside Nina Rydland Olsen, I am also the project leader in the research project "Evindence-based practice across health and social care educations". My motivation for participating in this project is the opportunity to influence what skills and knowledge future social educators need to learn to practice evidence-based.

Courses taught
  1. Evidence-based practice
  2. Milieu therapy, habilitation, and rehabilitation
  3. Cognitive impairments
Research areas
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Autism
  • Bereaved following drug-related deaths