Associate Professor

Thomas Arnesen


  • A mixed-methods exploration of off-task use of educational technology in class: An affordance-based analysis of two quantitative studies and one qualitative study

    Arnesen, Thomas (2022)
  • Exploring students’ explanations for off-task practices in an innovative learning environment (ILE) using a typology of agency as theoretical framework

    Arnesen, Thomas, Arnesen, Trond Egil, Elstad, Eyvind (2020)
  • 12.00 – 13.00: Panel discussion: Mixing methods or mixing it all up? Panel: Professor Kirsti Klette (ILS), Professor Leif Lahn (IPED), and Associate professor Trude Nilsen (ILS) from the University of Oslo, and PhD candidate Thomas Arnesen from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Moderator: Associate professor Lisbeth M Brevik (ILS).

    Arnesen, Thomas (2017)
  • Digital procrastination in secondary schools: triggers and enabling conditions

    Arnesen, Thomas (2017)
  • NRK TV, Undring og Mangfald, sesong 5, 4.episode (

    Arnesen, Thomas (2017)