For assessors at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

As an external assessors at HVL you are expected to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

  1. The external assessors shall be completely familiar with the existing course plan, any possible assessor guidelines for the course, as well as the current Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at HVL, and, if relevant, the Guidelines for PhD Degree.

  2. The external assessors is, in collaboration with the internal assessors, responsible for grading the exams, and that the signed form of assessment or digital form of assessment is handed in to the Examinations and awards office within 3 weeks, defined as 21 calendar days, after the date of the exam. For master`s theses, the deadline for announcement of grades is up to six weeks.

  3. Both the internal and the external assessors also have an obligation to submit explanations for the grading decision upon request. The assessors must agree on who will be responsible for doing so. The assessors can choose whether to provide the explanation of a student’s grade in written or oral form, and every effort should be made to provide the explanation within a maximum of two weeks from the time that the claim has been submitted.

  4. An external assessors that agrees to an examination committee shall also grade a possible re-sit examination within the same course or subject in the following semester.

  5. All answer papers will be checked for plagiarism. It is the responsibility of the assessors to control the answer papers and to notify the Examinations and awards office if there is suspicion of plagiarism. If cheating is suspected, the assessors must grade the assignment regardless of the suspicion as far as possible.

  6. HVL would appreciate your evaluation of the exam, as well as any suggestions regarding improvements. We therefore kindly ask you to fill in the Assessor Report Form, and to return it to the internal assessor or  the person with the course responsibility.

  7. When carrying out an oral exam, both internal and external assessors shall evaluate the exam, and consider if there are aspects to improve. The internal assessor will submit a short summary to the person with the course responsibility. 

Information concerning grade justification requests and Re-marking

For further questions:

Contract for Assessors

At HVL, the course supervisor makes contact with the relevant external assessors, agrees on examination for the exam in question and reports this to the administration in the Assessor Portal.

If the external assessor does not have a valid assessors contract with HVL, the assessors will receive a digital contract and must sign this digitally. The contract is valid for 3 years, but the course supervisor must still agree on grading for the individual exam.

Remunaration form

From 1 November 2023, external assessors are sent a digital remuneration form after examination.

  • In the case of ordinary examination, the form is sent to the external assessors after completion of examination registration, but no earlier than 3 weeks after the exam date.
  • In the case of an appeal examination, the form is sent to the external assessors 9 weeks after the exam date. If there are more appeals after that, contact 

User guide remuneration form.

Do you have questions regarding agreements and payment of wages? Please contact the Examinations and awards office: