Access to Canvas, Fagpersonweb and Sensorportalen

If you have a course on your workplan and need access to the course on both Canvas and Fagpersonweb, you must be registered in the FS database. The course coordinator will also have access to the course on Sensorportalen.

Course coordinator

As a course coordinator, you will have access to Canvas, Fagpersonweb and Sensorportalen.

The name of the course coordinator for a course is stated on the course pages at

Updates and changes to course coordinators will be made on EpN in connection with course plan revisions. For other changes, contact


If you have a course on your workplan (but are not a course coordinator), you will need access to all or part of the course on both Canvas and Fagpersonweb. In the event of errors or missing information, contact Remember to state your name, date of birth, course code, semester and room (if any) on Canvas. If you are a new employee, you must also state your HVL username and position percentage.

Lecturers do not have access to Sensorportalen. You must contact the course coordinator who can register examiners (if several lecturers are involved), as well as your examiner committee.  

If your position is less than a 20% of a full-time equivalent, you will only have access to Canvas. You can gain access to Canvas by sending your name, position percentage and course/study programme to

For others

Do you not have the course on your workplan but still need access to the course on Canvas? Contact the course coordinator for the course who can register you on Canvas.