Academic contact persons at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Here you will find a list of academic contact persons at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. The academic contact persons are responsible for the academic program for students who go on exchange, and act as first approvers for the pre-approval form. Academic contact person applies to all campuses, unless otherwise specified.

Department of Health and Functioning

Bachelor in Occupational Therapy
Africa: Adrian Wetlesen Gran
Europe: Merethe Hustoft  

Bachelor in Physiotherapy:
Europe: Steinar Hummelsund
Africa og South-Amerika: Graziella van den Bergh

Master in Clinical Physiotherapy
Nina Rydland Olsen

Master in Healthy ageing and rehabilitation
Graziella van den Bergh

Bachelor in Radiography
Nina Dalen Seime


Department of Welfare and Participation

Bachelor in Social Work (Bergen)
Erasmus+, Nordplus, USA and Australia: Unni Myklebust Ådland
Africa: Masego Katisi

Bachelor in Social Work (Sogndal)
Randi Sørensen

Bachelor in Social Education (Bergen)
Europe and South-Amerika: Hege Cathrine Aarlie
Africa: Knut Simonsen

Bachelor in Social Education (Sogndal)
Ingvild Hollekve

Bachelor in Child Protection and Welfare
Berit Marie Njøs

Global knowledge
Agnes Merete Fotland

Master in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care
Knut Simonsen

Master in Community Work
Rita Agdal

Department of Health and Caring Sciences

Bachelor in Nursing (Haugesund)
Lene Strøm

Bachelor in Nursing (Stord)
Sigrund Breistig

Bachelor in Nursing (Bergen)
Cuba, Canada and Europe: Solvor Mortensen 
Africa: Fred Ivan Kvam
Australia: Terje Årsvoll Olsen

Bachelor in Nursing (Førde)
Aud Berit Fossøy

Master in Clinical Nursing – Public Health Nursing
Ragnhild Sollesnes

Master in Clinical Nursing – Intensive Care Nursing
Asgjerd Litlere Moi

Master in Clinical Nursing – Pediatric Nursing
Rolf Horne

Master in Clinical Nursing – Anaesthetic Nursing
Sigrunn Drageset 

Master in Clinical Nursing – Surgical Nursing
Petrin Eide

Master in Clinical Nursing – Cardiac Nursing
Tone Merete Norekvål

Master in Clinical Nursing – Diabetes Nursing
Anne Haugstvedt

Master in Midwifery
Bodil Molander Dale