Start of studies for international full degree students

Get ready to start your studies! This page will guide you through all the steps for a good academic start.

Important information

Information regarding tuition fees

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) have tuition fees for our international applicants from outside the EU/EEA. 

You can find more information about the tuition fees at HVL here.

Before you arrive in Norway

Study permit and Visa

As an international student moving to Norway you may have to apply for a visa or a study permit, or both. 

Please beware that if you are nationals from outside EU/EEA/EFTA and staying more than 90 days you will be asked to document that you have funds enough to cover subsistence at NOK 151 690 for one year of studies. If you are sto study for half a year you must document NOK 68 950.  Generally, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration requires the money to be deposited in a Norwegian bank account.

You must take note about possible extra expenses related to the visa application process, such as expenses to apply, fligh tickets and other expenses that can come in relation to the applications for visas. 

For students in Master in Maritime Operations: 
In order to study in Germany (in the second semester) you will also need a German Student Visa. We recommend you to start the process of applying for this visa as soon as possible after you have started your studies in Haugesund. The application process may take several months and please be aware that the demands may vary from country to country.

  • For students that live in Haugesund applications must be lodged via the German embassy in Oslo, Norway.
  • If you do not live in Haugesund, the application must be lodged via the German embassy in your home country.

The embassies will have the full information of what is required. They will also be able to inform you of the amount of money you will need to keep in a blocked account in Germany and which banks to use.


HVL offers housing arrangements in cooperation with Sammen, the student union (welfare organization).

If you are to apply for a visa/study permit you need proof of accommodation for your application to The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). Students that are to move to Norway and apply for a study permit should therefore apply for accommodation as this will help you in the process of getting a visa/study permit.

HVL offers housing arrangements in cooperation with Sammen, the student union (welfare organization). Please find more information on housing here:

To apply for student housing you first have to log in or create a new account. You create a new account by clicking the Login Mypage button on the top right of the page. Then you follow the instructions. Remember to the select the option Date of birth if you do not have a Norwegian social security number.

It is important that you apply for accommodation before the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not normally be processed.

Health insurance

You need to have a valid travel and medical insurance for your entire stay at HVL. These insurances must be obtained before you arrive in Norway. It is your own responsibility to make insurance arrangements for any accident, illness, injury, loss or damage to persons or property resulting from, or in any way connected with, your study period in Norway.

Information for students for Maritime Operations:

All students are to be enrolled at both partner institutions during the study period.

Therefore the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer needs a proof of health insurance that is valid in Germany as from 1st September until the end of your studies. Please keep in mind that this may lead to further expenses.

Please make an effort to provide such a proof before you travel to Norway

For example the Techniker Krankenkasse offers a valid health insurance for Europe and the Nordic countries, i.e. also Norway for students, and this can be used in the semester in Norway too. 

Those of you who already hold a valid European health insurance are asked to hand in proof of this to a German health insurer, for example the Techniker Krankenkasse. You will then receive an electronic proof of valid health insurance, and no further steps are necessary.

Any questions regarding health insurance can be answered by Mr. Nils Hagedorn and Mr. Matthias Kurzawski of Techniker Krankenkasse who are informed about the about the speciality of this joint master course

Bring cash to last a couple of weeks

It will take some time before you get access to your deposited money after arrival in Norway. We therefore highly recommend that you bring along enough cash (NOK) for at least two-four weeks and preferably also a credit card/ATM card valid in Norway (check with your bank). 

You can withdraw Norwegian currency (NOK) at ATM’s in both Bergen Airport Flesland, and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. At Oslo Airport Gardermoen you can also exchange foreign currency.  

You will not be able to use foreign currency in Norway, and you should therefore not bring EURO-cash. 

After arriving in Norway

Register with the police

International students arriving from a country outside the EU/EEA have to register at the local police station upon arrival to get a residence card. Exemption: Citizens from Nordic countries and students staying less than 3 months.

The police will send a residence card by post to your Norwegian address.

Get a Norwegian ID Number

If you are going to stay in Norway for more than six months, you should register with the National Registry so that you can be awarded an 11-digit identity number (your date of birth plus a 5 digit personal number).

The ID number is required for opening a bank account, obtaining a student card among other things.

Students from EU/EEA/EFTA countries

EU/EEA/EFTA students staying in Norway for more than six months must apply for a Norwegian ID number after obtaining the registration certificate from the local police authorities.

For more information please check the Tax Adminitration website Report a move to Norway from abroad.

Students from non-EU/EEA countries

If you are a student from a country outside of the EU/EEA area, you will register for the National Registry at the same time as you meet with the police to order a residence permit card.

The police will notify the Norwegian Tax Administration that you’re moving to Norway and need a Norwegian identification number (national identity number or D number).This means you do not have to go to the tax office to obtain a Norwegian identification number.

Note: You must notify the police if you have changed your address, so that the correct residence address is registered in the National Registry.

Please check the UDI website How to get a national identity number.

Open a Norwegian bank account

In order to open a bank account in Norway you will need a Norwegian identity number. You can choose between local or regional banks, or banks with branches all over Norway. Some banks are also pure online banks, with no physical branches. Norwegian banks have advanced solutions for online banking so you can administrate your accounts, pay bills and transfer money online.

See how to get access to banking services in Norway.

Refund of funds

The deposited money will be transferred back to the student if the student is unable to secure a study permit/visa, or once the student has settled in Norway and has opened a Norwegian bank account.  

It may take some time before you get access to your money after arrival in NorwayWe therefore highly recommend that you bring along enough cash (NOK) for at least two weeks and preferably also a credit card/ATM card valid in Norway (check with your bank). 

You must contact the student welfare organization Sammen for a refund of the funds you have transferred for visa/study permit purposes.

Cash Card

To access your money in the deposit account while waiting for your Norwegian Identity Number to open your own Norwegian bank account, you may receive kronekort (cash cardwith a balance of NOK 9 500 NOK from your deposit money that you can use while you are in the process of opening your Norwegian bank account. This card can be refilled with use of deposit money. Bring ID as this is required to collect the card.

Students in Haugesund can get a cash card: at the Student Welfare Organization Sammen in Haugesund, the address is Bjørnsonsgate 45.

Students in Sogndal can get a cash card: at the Student Welfare Organization Sammen in SogndalStadionbyggetTrolladalen 30.

Sammen will transfer the remaining funds to you as soon as you notify them of your Norwegian bank account number.

Preparing for the start of your studies

You must register for the semester

As a student you will have to register digitally in Studentweb, which opens for registration from august. You will receive a PIN code that enables you log in. Please check that the contact information registered in Studentweb is correct.

You register which course you are going to take each semester, so that we can give you a timetable and access to the right courses in the learning platform Canvas. We call this semester registration. Once you have done this, you will have access to Canvas, email and other tools you need.

We have made a recipe for how to register for the semester.

Students that have a Norwegian personal number and a Norwegian phone number will receive a SMS with the PIN code you need to register.

Students that does not have a Norwegian personal number and/or a Norwegian phone number will receive an email with your HVL personal number, and a separate email with the PIN code. You are to use both the HVL personal number and the pin code to register for the semester. You can not register before you have received the two emails from us.

The deadline to register for the semester and pay the semester fee is 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester, but you can do it as soon as you have received the two emails from us.

Who: All students
Where: Studentweb
When: Deadline 1st of September / 1st of February
What you need: Your personal HVL registration numbers

Pay the semester fee

In order to register as a student you need to pay your student union membership fee of NOK 850. You go to 'More' and 'Payments' on StudentWeb. An invoice is automatically generated when you register in Studentweb. Your registration only becomes valid once this invoice is payed.

If you pay from a foreign account, you must use the following information:

  • Bank: Den norske Bank ASA
  • Bank account no: 7694 05 17644
  • IBAN: NO62 7694 05 17644

Once you have registered you will be granted access to Canvas; a digital communication platform used for essential communication between HVL and you. On Canvas, you will receive specific information about each course you will be attending. It is also the main information platform between you and the lecturers.

Who: All students, except exchange students
Where: Any Norwegian bank or online bank
When: Deadline 1 September / 1st of February
What you need: The KID number from the invoice generated in Studentweb when you register

Activate your user account

As an HVL student, you get a user account and e-mail account. Important information from HVL is sent to this e-mail address, and you must check it regularly.

You need the user account to log in to all HVL's systems, such as Canvas, wireless network, the student ID app, and more.

Here you will find useful information on how to activate your user account, log into the wireless network and more.

Check time and place of attendance

Start of studies is normally around the end of August/beginning of September. The exact dates will be published in due time. 

You will also recieve more information about start of studies via e-mail. 

Starting your studies

Register at the start of your studies

You must remember to register digitally on the start-up day. You must do this to confirm that you are going to start the programme. 

Students that have a Norwegian personal number and a Norwegian phone number will receive a SMS with the PIN code you need to register for attendance. You will receive a SMS with a code and a link for registration. You must register before 16.00 the same day as you receive the SMS.

Students that does not have a Norwegian personal number and/or a Norwegian phone number will receive an attendance code via email on the day of registration. The code will be sent to the email you registered in your application when you applied, so make sure to check the correct email inbox (including the spam folder). You are to use the attendance code and the email you registered in your application when you applied for admission to log in to the attendance registration system. No other email addresses will be accepted.

If you do not register, your admission will be withdrawn.

Get to know Canvas and check your schedule

Canvas is our learning platform. Here you will find all the information you need about the subject you are going to take, teaching and contact with lecturers. Here you will also get your schedule and syllabus.

You must register for the semester to be able to log in. It will take a few days from the time you register, until you have access to your schedule.

Get a student ID and a student card

The student certificate app works as a student certificate to get student discounts and more.

Your student card gives you access to buildings and rooms on campus. To get the student card, you must upload a picture of yourself on

To be able to use the app and get a card, you must have registered for the semester and activated the user account.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact our Student Services at Campus for questions about payment of the semester fee, Feide accounts, Studentweb, Canvas and more.

For questions related to your user account, software, printing or other queries, please contact the IT help desk.

For questions regarding your studies and career counselling you can contact the Student guidance at your faculty.