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HVL students and staff have access to numerous information resources, physical as well as digital. The digital resources are easily accessible when you are off-campus.

Find databases and resources for your subject area

How do I find?


Search Oria to see if the library has the book you need. In Oria you will find both printed books and e-books.

If the book you are searching is on loan, you can log on to Oria (using your "Feide ID") to make a reservation request.

When you search in Oria via HVL Library, you search in HVL's own collections. You can also make a search in all "Norwegian Academic Libraries". If you order a book that is not in our own collections, we will borrow it from another library. If you cannot find the book you are looking for in Oria, please use the form "Can't find it?"

You may also search for books in an international library base. In order to famliarise yourself with the content of a book, try a search in Google Books

If you do not find the book you are looking for, you can also send us a purchase request.


You will find all of our e-books in Oria. You may refine your search by choosing "E-books" as Resource Type.

Find more information on e-books.


If you need articles on a specific subject, you may start your search in Oria, but preferably you should use one of the article databases. You can also search for articles in Google Scholar.

See Browzine if you want to search for a journal.

In Libkey, you can search with DOI for an article and get a link to the full text. DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and is a standard for reliable identification of an electronic document.


Printed newspapers are available at your campus library.

Norwegian newspapers are also digitally available at:

Atekst gives you full text access to most current Norwegian newspapers.

The National Library
The national Library's digital newspaper service provides access to older digitized newspapers. Ask for access at the information desk.

Reading lists

HVL's reading lists.

All books on your reading list are available in the libraries, including day loan copies. Contact your campus library if titles in your reading list are missing. 


You will find hardback dictionaries in all the campus libraries.

Online you have access to Ordnett, which covers several languages and includes the Oxford Dictionary of English.

For the Norwegian language, Bokmålsordboka and Nynorskordboka are freely available to the public.

Complete list of all available dictionaries at HVL.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

You will find bachelor's and master's theses in HVL's institutional repository HVL Open (link to publications in the English language - limit the result list by choosing Bachelor or Master thesis).

Master's theses are also searchable in Oria.

Master's theses are published at all campuses. Bachelor's theses are published at the following campuses: Haugesund, Stord, Sogndal and Førde.


Technical standards are available electronically and/or in print.

For students:
If you need a standard from Standards Norway, check in Oria whether it is available in print version. If not available at HVL, you can get online reading access by buying a student subscription (information only available in Norwegian).

For employees:
Standards from Standards Norway can be found online at and/or as print publications in Oria. From 1st of March you need to register in order to get digital access. Please contact the library if you need to order a standard that HVL do not have access to. The online standards can be printed. Untill 1st of March standards are also available for employees by our HVLs subscription overview.

See also the library's overview of other standards and regulations

Images to use in my assignment

If you want to use other people's pictures in your assignment, you will need obtain their permission to use the image, unless they have authorized free use of the image in advance. 

As a HVL student you can freely use images from the image database Britannica Image Quest. Every image contains information about its source and a pre-made reference in the APA and several other citation styles. You will need to create an account in order to bookmark images without downloading them. Britannica's quick tour guides you through the database. 

You can also find images that are freely available for reuse in Creative Commons Search, or you can search in Google for pictures that have been marked “Labeled for reuse”.

Read more about image usage here. 

New books in the library

Send us a purchase request if you would like to suggest a journal or book title for purchase. 

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