HVL offers access to e-books from a number of suppliers.

Find our e-books by performing a regular search in Oria and sort your result on E-books under the Resource Type menu. You can also find e-books by browsing or searching each e-book database: 

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central gives you access to approximately 140.000 scholarly e-books, the majority of them are in English. 

To download a book, choose “Download”. Downloading to mobile units requires Adobe Digital Editions. The loan period varies from one to 21 days, depending on the book. When the loan period is up, the book will disappear from your device. You can also read the books online. There are limited possibilities for printing.


SpringerLink gives you access to approximately 45 000 academic e-books from Springer publishing. The main focus is in medicine, biomedicine and science: engineering, informatics, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

For the library’s patrons there are no restrictions concerning downloading or printing. You can read the books in your web browser or download them in PDF to an eReader, mobile device or PC/Mac.

Please note that all of Springer’s e-books are searchable through their website, but there is only a limited amount of books available to HVL’s patrons. 

EBSCO eBook Collection

EBSCO eBook Collection covers various subjects. HVL have access to selected titles.

In EBSCO eBook Collection you can read the book in PDF or download it to your PC/Mac/mobile device (with a loan period of up to one week).

For best readability, we recommend you to download the books. This requires Adobe Digital Editions and an account (free of charge).

If you choose to read the book in PDF it could be wise to read this guide if the documents opens page by page and not all in one document. 

The database contains books from various publishers, and therefore the printing options varies from book to book. A rule of thumb is that as much as 60 pages can be printed (or saved for you to keep on your device).

Cambridge Core

Cambridge Core gives you access to more than 36 000 e-books from Cambridge University Press. The books are available by chapter. To download, click «PDF». To download an entire book you need to mark all chapters and then choose «Download PDF (zip)». The files will be downloaded in a zip file.

There are no limitations on the number of downloads or printing. The books can be read in your browser or downloaded as PDFs to an e-reader, cell phone or PC/Mac.

Access to Cambridge Core is a trial access lasting until February 2023. Titles that have been frequently in use during the trial period will then be purchased.

Nasjonalbiblioteket / The National Library of Norway

The National Library of Norway has digitzed Norwegian books that you may access. The oldest are free to access. Would you like to read newer books, you need the apply. Notice that books on reading lists are not accessible.

Read more and how to apply.

About our e-books

You can read e-books online, or download them to your PC/Mac/mobile device and read them offline. A downloaded e-book is available for a limited period, just like a regular book loan.

An e-book can often be read by several users at the same time, but some e-books are one-user versions. If the e-book you want to access is already in use by another patron and therefore unavailable, please try again later.

The book you are looking for may be available as an e-book even if you cannot find it in any of the databases. Please contact us for any e-book requests that you may have.

Questions concerning e-books?

The library will gladly help you find books and answer any technical questions you may have.

Ask us about e-books