Teaching and courses offered to researchers

The library introduces useful topics to those who research, write and publish.

The library offers sessions, courses and workshops on a number of topics. In addition to the scheduled sessions and workshops listed below, research groups, institutes and faculties are welcome to get in touch and invite us to their meetings. We can also tailor courses for you. We look forward to cooperating with you further. 

Spring 2024

Below you will find an overview of the teaching sessions for PhD candidates and researchers the library plans to offer during spring 2024. They are announced at our intranett Vestibylen, you may need to register in advance. Some sessions are offered twice. Welcome! 

1 February The OVID databases
5 February Doing your literature reivew, but which type?
8 February The EBSCO databases
23 February The Scopus database
8 April Academic Writing 1
15 April Academic Writing 2 
18 April The Scopus database
29 April The OVID databases
6 May The EBSCO databases


Topics we offer

  • Resources for researchers: Google Scholar, Publons, Scopus, Web of Science, Research Gate
  • Orcid and author (researcher) id
  • Literature searching: Where to search and how to do it
  • Reference management: Building your own article archive 
  • Open publishing of research data
  • Academic writing
  • The Vancouver recommendations for authorship
  • The publishing process (publication channels, peer review)
  • Open Access / APC - can I apply for funding? Must I?
  • Plan S
  • The Cristin system and publication points
  • Research evaluation: Norwegian publication indicator, citations, journal impact factor, H-index
  • Academic integrity: predatory publication channels, self-plagiarism
  • Copyright to your own academic work and our institutional rights retention policy 

Shut up & write 

Join our regular writing sessions every Friday before lunch! To schedule your writing is essential in order to get your papers done. It is also easier to concentrate when you write together with others. Finally, it is a nice way of meeting your colleagues. 

Information and updates will be given via our Facebook group Shut up and write for PhD candidates HVL - please join!

During Spring 2024 we offer Shut up and write every Friday in:

  • Sogndal: "Badnakåna" from 9:00 on
  • Bergen: D130 9:00-12:00 
  • Stord and Haugesund: Please get in touch with us if you are interested, and we will find a room for you.


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