Vestibular course 2023 in Bergen - CANCELLED

New Trends in the Treatment of Patients with Vestibular Disorders

The Vestibular Course 2023 will take place in Bergen at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Campus Kronstad, 23. - 24. May. The course is for clinicians working with patients with acute, episodic and/or long-term dizziness. HVL has invited faculty from Europe as well as the US to bring you the latest development and trends in treatment of these patients.

Feedback from previous Course Participants:

Important subject with top notch lecturers!

Svært godt fornøyd. Ønsker meg et tilsvarende kurs som tar oss til neste nivå :)

Inspirerende! Rause og åpne foredragsholdere. Ga muligheter for oppklaringer og diskusjoner med andre

«Dette kurset var veldig bra. Fikk mye faglig påfyll og fikk dannet nye nettverk.»

Important dates:

    • Earlybird fee until 26. February (NOK 6900,-)
    • Registration deadline 26. February
    • Cancellation deadline 26. February



 Conference Fee 23.-24. May

Before and incl 26. February

After 26. February

 Regular  participant* NOK 6900,- NOK 7700,-
 Conference dinner at Hotel Norge   by Scandic NOK 1135,- NOK 1135,-


*Conference fee includes; participation to all sessions, lunches, coffee/tea and refreshment

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Day 1

0900-0945: Registration, coffee/tea

0945-1000: Welcome

1000-1030: Plenary session 1 (lecture 30 minutes)

Dara Meldrum: Treatment of acute, episodic, and chronic dizziness – updated guidelines

1030-1045: Questions and Answers related to the guidelines

1045-1115: Plenary session 2 (lecture 30 minutes)

Rick Clendaniel: New Developments in the Management of BPPV.

1115-1145: Plenary sessions 3 (lecture 30 minutes)

Luc Vereeck: Vestibular Rehabilitation after surgical removal of a vestibular schwannoma

1145 - 1200: Stretch your legs; coffee/tea

1200-1230: Plenary sessions 4 (lecture 30 minutes)

David Herdman: Psychological aspects of vestibular rehabilitation

1230-1300: Plenary session 5

Questions and Answers to sessions 2, 3, and 4

1300-1400: LUNCH

1400-1730: 3 parallel workshops addressing 2 “difficult cases”

Day 1 WS 1 WS 2 (lab facilities) WS3

Vestibular Rehab after surgical removal of a Vestibular Schwannoma

BPPV - New Maneuvers

Run by

Luc Vereeck and  Lien Van Laer

Rick Clendaniel David Herdman
1400 - 1500 GR 1 GR 2 GR 3
Break (coffee/tea)      
1515 - 1615 GR 3 GR 1 GR 2
1630 - 1730 GR 2 GR 3 GR 1


1900: Dinner at Hotel Norge (registration is open to all participants)


Day 2:

0830- 0900: Plenary session 6 (lecture: 30 minutes)

Rick Clendaniel: Cognitive and spatial impairments vestibular disease- newer assessment of these conditions

0900-1000: Plenary sessions 7-9 (lectures: 20 minutes each)

Lene Kristiansen: Integrating Cognitive Therapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation in group-treatment for patients with persistent dizziness: Presentation of the treatment model and preliminary results 

Lien Van Laer: Activity as a prognostic factor in development of chronic dizziness

Mari Kalland Knapstad: Symptoms beyond the vestibular in chronic dizziness – what about the musculoskeletal system?

1000-1015: Coffee/tea break

1015-1045: Questions and answers sessions 6-9

1100-1315: Workshops (Move to other locations)

Day 2 WS 1 WS 2 WS3

Demo technology

Optokinetic Stimulation for Visually induced Dizziness


  Dara Meldrum  Lars Peder Bovim David Herdman Rick Clendaniel
1100 - 1145 GR 1 GR 2 GR 3
1145 - 1230 GR 3 GR 1 GR 2
1230 - 1315 GR 2 GR 3 GR 1


1315-1415: LUNCH

1415-1435: Plenary session 10

Dara Meldrum: Technology in vestibular rehabilitation

1435-1455: Plenary session 11

Rick Clendaniel: Vestibular Agnosia in TBI

1455-1515: Plenary session 12

Dara Meldrum: The use of technology in MS

1515-1530: Coffee / tea break

1530-1650: Plenary session on Cervical Dizziness

Introductions by 

Mari Knapstad: Presentation of the new position statement from Barany Society on Cervical dizziness (25 mins)

Rick Clendaniel: Cervical dizziness – does it exist? (25 mins)

Discussion: Mari Knapstad, Rick Clendaniel, and Dara Meldrum (30 mins)

1650-1700: Thank you/welcome back

Download preliminary program here


Campus mot Vågen.jpg Photo: Nils Olav Mevatne / HVL


The Vestibular Course 2023 will take place at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, at Campus Kronstad Bergen, in two  buildings next to each other. Both located a few meters from Kronstad light rail stop, 2 km from the city centre. The main building, K1, was opened in 2014 and K2 opened in 2020. 

Getting to Campus Kronstad

Conference dinner

Our conference dinner 23. May will be at Hotel Norge by Scandic - only a short walk from Scandic Ørnen. 



Scandic Ørnen

Scandic-Ornen-exterior-facade-6.jpg Scandic-Ornen-standard-room-bedroom-2.jpgPhoto: Scandic Ørnen

We have booked accomodation at Scandic Ørnen in the center of Bergen, close to the light rail and only a few stops from campus Kronstad (Bergen)

The hotel has blocked rooms for us from 22. - 24. May 2023, until March 1.

Our conference rate is NOK 1500 /night (approx. 150 EUR) per single room incl breakfast. Visit the hotel website and use the booking code BHOE230523, to get our discounted rate.


Bergen - A World Heritage City!

Find out more about Bergen here

See you in Bergen in May 2023?

Guest lecturers

bilde av Dr. Richard Clendaniel

Dr. Richard Clendaniel

Richard Clendaniel, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA, is a clinical scientist, educator, clinician, and mentor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, and in the Department of Head & Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine. He received his MS in Physical Therapy and Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in neuro-otology with Susan Herdman, Ph.D., PT. He is an invited lecturer nationally and internationally on the evaluation and management of people with dizziness. He has authored numerous papers and book chapters on vestibular system plasticity and treatment. He is the co-editor of a major textbook on vestibular rehabilitation. He is on the medical advisory board for the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) and on the board of directors for the American Balance Society. Dr. Clendaniel maintains an active practice treating patients with vestibular disorders and dizziness. His primary research is in the assessment of the vestibular system and the plasticity of the vestibular system following injury.

bilde av Dr. Dara Meldrum

Dr. Dara Meldrum

Dr. Dara Meldrum is a Physiotherapist and an Associate Professor at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. She also works clinically at the Balance Centre in Ranelagh, Dublin. Her research is in neuro-rehabilitation with particular interest in vestibular rehabilitation, ALS and technology in rehabilitation. She completed her PhD in the area of vestibular rehabilitation and lectures and teaches extensively in the area. She has published over 70 peer reviewed publications and 5 book chapters. She completed a Diploma in Clinical Trials at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has worked as consultant to pharma on several phase II and III clinical trials. She was recently funded by Enterprise Ireland to develop, research and commercialise VERTIGENIUS, a digital platform with wearable sensor for use in balance and vestibular rehabilitation

bilde av David Herdman

David Herdman

David Herdman is the Principal Physiotherapist for Neurology and Vestibular Outpatients at St George’s University Hospital in London. He obtained a Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and completed his PhD in the Department of Health Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, King’s College London. His research interests include psychological factors that affect symptom experience, implementation science, and developing integrated cognitive-behavioural therapy informed vestibular rehabilitation for persistent dizziness (the INVEST trial). He is a past Chair of the UK physiotherapy special interest group for vestibular rehabilitation (ACPIVR) and continues to be involved in developing and running courses.

bilde av Lars Peder Vatshelle Bovim

Lars Peder Vatshelle Bovim

Lars Peder Vatshelle Bovim is head of the Vitality Center for Children and Youth, where 5000sqm of Bergen University Hospital is dedicated to physical activity and inclusion in everyday living. He is also Assistant Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences/HVL, with main focus on the use of virtual reality in rehabilitation and as part of health care education. Bovim has a Master in Health Sciences from the University of Bergen, where he investigated changes in gait variability when adding VR-presented constraint-based tasks during treadmill walking.

bilde av Lene Kristiansen

Lene Kristiansen

Lene Kristiansen is a physiotherapist working at the National Network for Vestibular Disorders, at Haukeland University Hospital. She works clinically treating patients, lectures and runs courses on assessment and treatment of patients with vestibular disorders. She is also a member of a research group on persistent dizziness, and is currently working on a ph.d. evaluating a group-treatment integrating vestibular rehabilitation and cognitive therapy in patients with persistent dizziness.

bilde av Luc Vereeck, PT, PhD

Luc Vereeck, PT, PhD

Luc Vereeck graduated in 1984 as a master in motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Leuven and worked as a physiotherapist at the neurology and neurosurgery departments of the Antwerp University Hospital. Since 1998 he has been active as a lecturer (100%) in neurological rehabilitation at the University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. In 2008 he obtained a PhD in medical sciences from the University of Antwerp and successfully defended his thesis titled 'Evaluation and treatment of patients with a vestibular disorder. A physiotherapeutic approach'. Since 2000, he has been involved as an implementer and/or promoter in various research projects in the field of vestibular rehabilitation. He has authored or co-authored over 50 articles in this domain. He is currently involved in a large longitudinal follow-up study in patients with an acute vestibular problem to identify factors that may predict chronic vertigo. In addition, a study is also underway on the association between the problem of multisensory impairment and an increased risk of falls in the elderly and patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

bilde av Lien Van Laer, PT

Lien Van Laer, PT

In 2016 Lien Van Laer graduated at the University of Ghent (Belgium) as a master in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy. From 2016 until 2020 she was active as a physiotherapist in a rehabilitation center (Sint-Lievenspoort Ghent, Belgium) treating patients with vestibular disorders. In November 2020, she started a PhD at the University of Antwerp under supervision of prof. dr. Luc Vereeck, prof. dr. Ann Hallemans and prof. dr. Vincent Van Rompaey: “Unravelling risk factors for developing chronic dizziness after an acute unilateral vestibular deafferentation”. In this longitudinal follow-up study specific risk factors for chronic dizziness are investigated during the acute and subacute phase: the level of physical activity, presence of anxiety or avoidance behavior, visual dependence and level of central vestibular compensation.

bilde av Mari Kalland Knapstad

Mari Kalland Knapstad

Mari Knapstad is a physiotherapist and took her PhD on neck pain and dizziness at the University of Bergen in 2020. She works as associate professor at the Western University of Applied Sciences, and as a physiotherapist and post doc at Haukeland University Hospital and the National Unit of Vestibular disorders.


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