Researcher with petri dish in laboratory

BioMedical Analysis Research Group (BIOMARG)

BioMedical Analysis Research Group (BIOMARG) is a research group at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

Our basic and clinical research is in the field of biomedical laboratory sciences. Our laboratory research is performed in HVL campus laboratories in Bergen and incollaboration with other research groups, health care institutions and higher educational institutions - both nationally and internationally.

We also do innovation and research on the education and training of biomedical laboratory scientists.

Members of BIOMARG supervise bachelor-, master- and PhD research projects.

Our long-term goal is to contribute to basic and clinically research by performing biomedical analysis using different methodology in biomedicine

Head of Research Group

bilde av Gry Sjøholt

Gry Sjøholt

Assistant Head of Department


PhD Candidates

Technical staff

Emeritus members

  • Astrid Mette Husøy, associate professor
  • Irene Nygård, assistant professor
  • Turid Aarhus Braseth, assistant professor

Former members

  • Elisabeth Ersvær, associate professor
  • Kari Rostad, associate professor
  • Alvhild Alette Bjørkum, associate professor
  • Signe Steinkopf, associate professor
  • Anne Grete Eriksen, technical staff
  • Trine Silgjerd, master student