Engineering Computing

Since our society collects ever more data, and computers get ever better computational speed, understanding the basis for computations is ever more important. Our group studies and applies computational tools to engineering problems

The engineering computing research group works in the interface between computational mathematics, data science, computer science and engineering. We construct and analyze computational and mathematical tools that can be, and are, applied to solve and study problems from several engineering disciplines.

Our fields of research include various topics from scientific computing, numerical methods for partial differential equations (PDEs), PDE constrained optimization, geometric numerical integration, numerical analysis, mesh generation and properties of meshes, theory of communication, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and control theory and optimization.

Application areas currently being pursued include computer graphics, image and signal processing, code theory and cryptography, computational medicine and biomedical engineering, electromagnetism, nano materials, solar cells, semiconductors, fish migration and fish stock management.

As a group, we are responsible for one part of the PhD programme in Computer Science. This includes teaching PhD courses and supervising several PhD students.

Head of Research Group:

bilde av Oana Silvia Serea

Oana Silvia Serea


Research Group Members


"Computational Modeling marine fish migrations with adaptive behaviors"
Salah Alrabeei, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

"Practical deep learning in medical image analysis"
Sathiesh Kaliyugarasan, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

"Some theoretical aspects of cryptanalysis"
Anton Tkachenko, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

"Mean field games of controls"
Laurent Pfeiffer, École Polytechnique, Paris, France

"Relaxed multi-marginal costs in optimal transport and quantization effects"
Thierry Champion, University of Toulon, France

"Necessary conditions for optimal sampled-data control problems with free sampling times and running state constraints"
Gaurav Dhar, University of Limoges, France

"Simultaneous and precise measurement of position and momentum in quantum theory"
Piero Mana, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

19.02. 2021:
"Improved Stability for Linear SPDEs Using Mixed Boundary/Internal Controls"
Dan Goreac Distinguished Young Scholar, SDU Weihai, China and University Gustave Eiffel, France

"Large Scale Floods in Future Climate Worsen Disproportionally due to Sediment Transport Effect"
Lars Fredrik Lund, University of Bergen