FICHS - Facilitation and Innovation in community health services

The research network FICHS researches on person-centered practice development.

Person-centered practice development is a participatory action research method that emphasizes innovation in the health service to promote person-centered care and culture. The network holds courses, seminars and workshops with and for practice to improve and change health and social care practice.

Among other things, the network provides courses and training in facilitation, evaluation research and participatory action research.

Research area

  • Person-sentered practice development
  • Facilitation
  • Evaluation research
  • Innovation and co-creation of knowledge

Ongoing research projects

Development of the facilitator role related to a research-based practice development program entitled Practice Development (PD) anchored in the research team ICoP at Queen Margareths University, Edinburgh Scotland.

Leader FICHS-network

bilde av Christine Øye

Christine Øye