Leadership and diversity in kindergartens

KINDknow research area 10 aims at expanding knowledge on changes in kindergarten government, organization and leadership on different levels and in diverse settings.

This research area (RA) aims at expanding knowledge on changes in kindergarten government, organization and leadership on different levels and in diverse settings. We will explore the ECEC organization and leadership in the context of national and local ECEC policies, including EfD and ESD, as well as local variations regarding diversity and sustainability. How are local community challenges and national and local policies related to sustainability and social and cultural diversity reflected in management, structures and professional and leader roles? What are the implications for professional relations and the division of labor? What challenges do kindergarten leaders and owners experience regarding the adaptation to new policies and changing social environments? How do kindergarten owners and leaders collaborate with various stakeholders, including parents, NGOs and public service providers to meet the challenges faced? The RA is carried out in close cooperation with stakeholders at different levels, including municipalities and private owners. 

The methodological approach involves qualitative case studies, quantitative data and analysis of national and local policy documents, guidelines and plans. Results will be disseminated in scientific journals as well as workshops, the specially- designed website and courses and educational programs aimed at future and present kindergarten staff.

bilde av Kari Ludvigsen

Kari Ludvigsen

Leader of research area 10

bilde av Dag Øyvind Lotsberg

Dag Øyvind Lotsberg

Leader of research area 10



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