Nanofluids for energy and process technology

Our group is after new industrial applications of nanofluids - stable dispersions of solid nanoparticles (metals, carbon or silicon) in liquids.

These fluids, being similar to liquid metals in terms of their thermal parameters: high thermal conductivity, the ability of magnetic convection, and perfectly absorbing thermal radiation, have been demonstrating superior thermal performance in different technical systems, improving heat transfer.

We conduct experimental studies on how can nanofluids improve the thermal performance of renewable energy systems: Solar collectors, sun-powered desalinators, heat pumps, and solar cells. Our group's activities are synchronized with the pilot-scale studies within the new Solar Field, launched at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

Another direction covers the numerical simulation of flows with nanofluids focusing on their thermal stability, rheology, erosion, and magnetic effects. We have developed a number of multiphase CFD-models of industrial systems with nanofluid. The models are used for the parametric analysis and optimization of the nanofluid-based heat exchangers, solar collectors, and geothermal wells. 

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