Mental Health and Substance Abuse (PHR)

The research group for mental health and substance abuse is a very active team. We aim to create new knowledge about collaborative relationships in treatment, the connection between psychological and physical health, and innovative uses of technology to develop better health care services for patients.

The research group was initiated as a strategic focus by the board of Helse Førde and is a collaboration between Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and Helse Førde Hospital Trust. The research group has been in operation since 2015.

A distinctive feature of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse research group is that its research takes place close to, and often in the clinical setting. Research group members use advanced qualitative micro-process methods to study processes, experiences, and perceived benefits in clinical settings. Health services rely upon a good relationship between therapist and patient, and the quality and content of this relationship are crucial for patients’ recovery. Several Ph.D. candidates and research fellows develop and use shared research methods in various studies of these processes.

The research group also has an extensive program for clinical feedback and innovation, called Norse Feedback. This program has won quality- and innovation awards and has been awarded over 30 MNOK in total research funding.

This program joins qualitative use analyses, implementation projects, and innovative statistical methods for personalized adaptation and machine learning in recent Ph.D. and other research projects.

Media reports depicting various aspects of this research program:

The research group is interdisciplinary, consisting of psychologists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social scientists. It also has considerable international collaborations with leading researchers in the field.

Ongoing research projects

See here for a comprehensive overview of the research group's activities and results

Head of research

bilde av Christian Moltu

Christian Moltu

Professor II, Department of health and caring sciences