Appointment to a research fellowship

The most common way to finance PhD studies is through appointment to a research fellowship.

A research fellowship is a fixed term position, that is, a legally time-restricted position, and it is defined as an academic position. The position is authorised in the University and University Colleges Act (UH Act) with its own regulations on terms of appointment. PhD candidates at HVL are usually appointed to a four-year fixed term position with 25 per cent of their workload defined as required duties.

PhD candidates appointed to state university colleges are deemed to be civil servants having the rights and obligations pursuant to the Norwegian Civil Service Act and regulations

Before being appointed to a research fellowship, you will first receive a position offer, and the offer must be responded to by the deadline set forth in the appointment letter. Receiving a position offer is not the same as being admitted to a doctoral programme. Once you have accepted the position, HVL sends an employment contract. This must be signed and returned. A signed employment agreement is the basis for making salary disbursements to you.

When you commence the position as a research fellow at HVL, you must apply for admission to the PhD programme. Admission must be approved no later than three months after you have begun work in the position. See further information about admission to PhD programmes at HVL.

The announcement of available reasearch fellowships at HVL can be found under vacancies on our website.