PhD Programme in Health, Function and Participation

This PhD programme is intended for those who want to contribute to developing future health services in the face of new societal challenges.

The education will contribute new knowledge to users and patients, the field of practice and the community.

Through its professional profile and course portfolio, the PhD programme shows that interdisciplinary approaches to health are necessary to contribute new knowledge to understand and deal with today's and tomorrow's health challenges, locally and globally. The programme is closely linked to working life and society.

Course schedule Spring 2023

PHDH913 Introduction to longitudinal data analysis using mixed effects models:
1-3. February
17. February
Re-sit exam:
10. May
Registration deadline:
10. January

PHDH904 Health promotion and coping (digital):
1. seminar: March 8-10
2. seminar: March 22-23
Exam: March 27-31
Re-sit exam: August 22-25
Registration deadline: 1. February 

PHDH916 Introduction to Appraising and Preparing Systematic Reviews (digitalundervisning):
Seminar: 13. March - 7. April: (details about the seminar will be announced in Canvas)
Exam: 14. April
Re-sit exam: 16. August
Registration deadline: 1. February

PHDH907 Methods for examination of health, function and participation:
1. seminar: April 25-27
2. seminar: May 16
Exam: June 5
Re-sit exam: August 28
Registration deadline: 13. March

PHDH908 Intervention studies (digital):
Seminar: May 2-5
Exam: June 2
Re-sit exam: Sptember 6
Registration deadline: 13. March

Do you want to take single courses?

Courses given by the ph.d. programme og Health, function and participation are primarily reserved for the ph.d. students at the programme, but other participants may also apply.

How to apply for a single course.


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